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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Geez.. My back hurts..
Time of Post: 5:48PM
me and my disgusting face..

Hey guys! It's been so long.. Haahh.. I missed all of you! *Hugs*

I just got home from volleyball practice and yeah..I'm currently experiencing severe back pains.. Gah! Itai!! Our coach gave me liniment to ease the pain. Great! Now my back hurts even more..

About my fanfiction..well, it'll be up at Fanfiction.net this month. I'll be very busy this week. I'll practice doing doujinshi and as soon as I get my scanner, you guys will be able to view it! Yay! Please don't expect it to be good..because I'm new to this stuff!

Oh, by the way, myO and theO is acting weird these days.. I hope they fix the errors soon! I'm quite worried about our artworks.. I hope they won't delete a single file.

AND, I'm still loving the Hyuuga! *hugs Neji tightly*

I'd like to credit my 2nd most favored doujinshi artist, YoukaiYume-sama. Does she have an account here at myO? I hope she does.. Anyway, Neji looks so..feminine here(just like what YoukaiYume-sama said).. I love him so much!

Well, that's all! Ja!

See ya!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time of Post: 2:25PM

Hey! Sorry for not updating! Ahahah! I was busy writing my first NejiSaku fanfic. And now that I finished it early, I decided to start the sequel already! The titles are:

1. Always Have Waited(COMPLETE)
2. 40 Kinds of Sadness(still working on it!)

Did you notice the 2nd title? Yea. It's like a song title.. A song of Ryan Cabrera's! Ahahah! I love that song!

Never hearing much of Hyro these days, neh? Well..we had a little argument, and I haven't talked to him since last week. He just acted like a stupid kid while I was on a volleyball training with my friends. Haah!

I was practicing how to toss the ball really high(I can't do it!), and he suddenly caught the ball and hit my partner! Gawd! What was he thinking?!

He said my partner was abusing me. Abusing?! Nah! He's not! I've been training with him for almost a year now and I never felt like being abused. Baka! I yelled at him.

Haahh.. I know. He's overprotective sometimes.. He's not my boyfriend yet! Darn! Why is he acting like such a brat?!


Back to the anime, well..just like the past two days.. I'm still in love with the Hyuuga prodigy! Haaaahh.. I like him so much.. I wish he was real..except for those freaky eyes!

Another pic of Hyuuga Neji!



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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Think I'm In Love Again..
Time of Post: 8:27PM

Hi again! Uhh.. The Popularity Ranking are down again.. How disappointing..

Well, at least something (or rather someone) cheered me up today! Guess who did it!

He did.

Yup. The Hyuuga Prodigy. I don't know why.. I just got hooked to him these past few days.. (Actually, it began a month ago) I think I adored his sexiness.. Ahahaahh..!

I'm IN LOVE with him!

*does the fangirl scream*

I'm not really a fangirl.. Ne?

I just started to read some NejiSaku fanfictions at FanFiction.net. And yup. Seriously, I fell in love with an inanimate character(at least he is in the Naruto series..)! OMG.. what will I do?! It's really difficult to find some high quality pics of his.. AAAAAAHH!

Aaahh.. I used to think that Neji and Sakura won't make a good couple. Well, now I know..I was wrong.

As soon as I improve my drawing skills to the "doujinshi" level, I won't hesitate to make my own doujinshi art, feat. Neji and Sakura!

I also wanna learn how to make good fanfics. I want to make my own NejiSaku fanfiction too!

I love you..Neji-kun..


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Thanks, guys!
Time of Post: 5:45PM

That emo thing from yesterday kinda damaged my face a bit. Yea. Because of all that, pimples started to appear on my forehead.. Gawd! I hate having these!

The Popularity Rankings are now up today! Yay! And I'm 892nd in line! Wheeeee! I'm getting closer for that top 500! Yay again! Awwhh.. How long have I aimed for that..and it's all because of you guys! *hugs tightly* With all of your comments and such, you make me feel happy in times I am not! Thanks to ALL of you! I couldn't have made it up to here without all of MY FRIENDS' help!

I love all of ya!!

I guess that's all! I'll go visit your sites now!


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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time of Post: 10:37PM

Hi guys.. It's been forever since I last updated, ne? I'm just quite depressed..

Because I treat you all as my bestfriends..Let me share to you what happened to me these past few days..

I have a cousin named Jillian. She's very kind, sweet and loving..well, these are the qualities I like most in her. We used to share stories about our lovelives, our crushes, and everything! She knows all my secrets. She also shares hers to me.

Well, we were so concerned about each other, that many people think we were homo's.. Yea. Why? Everytime we go to the mall together, uhh..do you know to hold your bf/gf's hand? Like..uhh..I don't know how to explain it.. Whatever. We just hold hands.

And we were always pulling pranks to our other cousins. Like borrowing their cellphones and pretending to text..but the truth is, we turn on the ringtone volume to maximum..! Yeah..those good old days..

She was like a big sis to me.. She's 16 years old..Just a year older than me.

She always reminded me not to get to close to boys. And, I always ask why. Her answer was always, "You might be a teenage mom. Be careful."

Haha. Jillian. You're funny. Why would I be a teenage mom?! Oh come on, Jillian. Maybe you're the one who needed that advice! How ridiculous.

Last Tuesday, I found a pregnancy test under her pillow while I was looking for my wallet.


I was shocked. I tried to lie to myself. No. Jillian wouldn't be pregnant! She told me!

I approached her. She held me tight and cried on me like a baby.

Stop it, Jillian.

She had sex with her boyfriend who already left the country last week. She told me everything.

"He left you, for no apparent reason?"

What a jerk.

It's been two weeks. She's been pregnant for two weeks.

Damn that bastard.

I didn't control myself. I gave her a b1tch slap.

I gave her a sarcastic smile. My eyes were getting dark. I was very angry then I yelled F**K.

"I'm so sorry." She cried.

I asked her why she allowed her boyfriend to do "that". Know what she told me? It sounded irritating.

I love him so much..

Hahah. Very irritating. I felt my ears bleed.

Why did you give in?!

I cried. I cried so hard. I wish the pain would fade away.

She also tried to commit suicide. She held a blade. You know what?

I pulled her hair. Ahaha. I enjoyed it. I was angry.

I hugged her. I told her to keep the child. She cried on me again. She told me that she will leave next week.

I told her to confess everything to aunt. I went with her. I helped her with the explaining.

Aunt Lorie cried. She told Jillian that she'd never have to leave the house.

I learned a very valuable lesson.. Never give it all away in just one shot.

Sorry for being a little emo..


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

myOtaku useful codes!
Time of Post: 1:50PM

Hi guys! I decided to complete my layout next week. I'm getting busy again these days.. We'll have another examination next Friday.. Haaahh.. Stupid schoolwork. Stupid schoolteachers. STUPID SCHOOL!

To loosen up, here are some codes you may use here at myO. Just copy and paste them. Please be reminded, though. Some codes only work for the post styles and other textareas.

Fixed background (Profile/Homepage)
You can use this if you want a background different from the one on your guestbook.