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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time of Post: 12:57am
Mood: Happy

Aa! Sumimashita! My DNAngel theme is finally complete!

Starting June 5 or 12, I wont be online for most of the time. I'll be very busy for the accomplishment of my plans and goals..yup, that includes the acquiring of KH I and II! Hoorah! I sure can't wait to get my hands on my very own PS2!(the truth is, I still don't have PS2..I used to borrow my cousin's..) I have to get A+'s..

Anyway, I heard some of you are getting sick. Itsumo ogenki wo inotte imasu!(I hope for your good health always!!)

Ahahah! I'm starting to feel drowsy again.. I don't wanna sleep..

Oh well, I think that's it! Gokigen yo!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

(Type title of post here)
Konnichiwa, minna-san! I have "changed my mind".. I just wanna try this DNAngel theme.. Did you like it?

Anyway, is there a 24 hour anime channel running in your tv screens? Here in the Philippines we have Animax and Hero. Those two run 24/7.

Question: In DNAngel, Dark has a white-winged rival. What is his name? Is it Krad or Light?
Answer: I know it's Krad. But based on the anime airing here in the Philippines, he is called Light.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

   I'm back!!!!!
Yeepee! I'm well again! You may have noticed that I've been online..well, it's not me! I asked my bro (yeah, the stupid one who tripped on my aircon) to check out my site and sign some guestbooks..did he?

Anyway, someone asked me what is an aircon. Aircon (or airconditioning unit) is a cooling device. I have one in my bedroom.. My silly bro tripped on it and turned the thermostat into MAX.. Darn kid..

Hoooh! It's nice to be back!!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello..I'm sick.
Hi! I just logged on to sign some guestbooks and update my e-cards.. Thanks for adding comments!!

I feel really sick today.. My stomach aches, I caught a cold because my brother tripped on my aircon and turned it to max, and I have a flu (also because of the aircon). I have to go to the doctor later this afternoon..

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Latest Submissions!
Hi minna! Thanks for dropping by my site! Well, I haven't been to your sites to read your posts for a while.. Maybe later I would.

Anyway, I enjoyed making e-cards. It's really good to share some humor to all otakuites..

Recent Submissions:
Fanart: Daisuke Niwa from DNAngel. I really loved that image! The original resolution of that vector art is 3000x4055. TheO doesn't accept fanart larger than 200kb so I resized it. It kinda lost its high quality.. Anyway, please check it out!
Note: If you wanna see the 1000x1352 version of this vector art, please log on to devArt.^_^
E-Cards: Well, they're too many to list down.. Just check my portfolio..

Thanks, guys!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wahey!! New Greetings!!
I've submitted my latest e-cards today!! Please check 'em out! LOL...
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New background
I decided to change my background, but I retained my theme. I think I'll stick to this one FOREVER..uhh..well, maybe not. For now, I've set up three goals for this year:

1. Purchase Kingdom Hearts I and II.
2. Buy a new DVD-R for my PC(since it doesn't work properly anymore..)
3. Struggle to be the Valedictorian.(Yup! I'm a senior now, YEEPEE!!!)

Well, if I could purchase KH, I'll keep this theme for all eternity!!

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Hmm.. Survey!
Anime survey now up!

1. Do you think Rei Ayanami is cool?
- No. She's gorgeous.
2. How many times have you watched Advent Children last month?
- 5 or 6? I'm not sure..
3. Do you watch Mirmo de Pon?
- Hell yeah!
4. Since when did you become an anime fanatic?
- Since 6th grade. It was when I started watching Inuyasha.
5. Are you in love with an anime character?
- Oh yeah! So in love!!
6. With who?
- With Dark, from DNAngel!
7. Do you support Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai?
- Hmm.. Yaoi is okay. I really hate Yuri and Hentai! They're so abusive!!
8. Which is better? Naruto or Kurosaki Ichigo?
- Man, they both rock!!
9. What do you think of Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin?
- She really didn't deserve Kenshin.
10. Okay, last question. Who do you think is the coolest extra from Naruto?
- Hagane Kotetsu. He's cute!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Yay! I just submitted e-cards! Please check them out!!
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Experienced anything unusual? Nah..I didn't.
This blog was posted at 3:02 PM. Like I said before, I live on the other side of the world.

It's already afternoon here! Phew..the nights are really about to turn chilly..I can't sleep at night. Do you think I have insomnia? I hope not..

The first day of classes is fast approaching. Oh no, I really don't wanna go to school anymore.. I hate my school teachers.. They always get on my nerves. Why? They always give mind-blowing schoolwork.. Sometimes, I enjoy doing my homework.

Nobody PM'd me about the contest? Is it too difficult? Come on, I know you can!!

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