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Sunday, December 12, 2004


Which Yu Yu Hakusho Male will kiss you? by kirthyforever
WhoYouko Kurama
WhenOctober 19 432454656546464646
WhySomeone Dared Him To
What Did He Say After The KissWill you marry me?
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Wednesday, December 8, 2004


Blind date with a hot anime guy ^.^ by Originality
Lucky Number
Favorite color
Date ===
Where the date isJapanese Steak House
First thing date says to you"Hurray! My date's as hot as I am!"
Last thing date says to you"bye"
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-Chapter One-

-Setting: Yu Yu Gang near a bus stop-

?No.? Hiei said bluntly when Kurama tried to persuade Hiei to join him, Yusuke, and Kuwabara on a trip to a long away farm. Yusuke and Kuwabara were too scared to ask Hiei.

A sly, almost smirk, appeared on Kurama?s face. Hiei didn?t like that. Kurama then held his hand out from behind his back. THERE WAS HIEI?S PRECIOUS KATANA!!!

Hiei disappeared in a flash at an attempt to snatch his Katana away from Kurama. But when he re-appeared, Kurama still had the Katana firmly in his grip. Hiei blinked, then pulled, Kurama pulled back, Hiei pulled again?

It soon became a tug-of-war, Hiei losing badly due to the fact that Kurama was several inches taller then him.

Kurama finally got the Katana out of Hiei?s grasp and ran onto the bus that was to take them to the farm. Hiei quickly followed, not realizing that he was getting on a bus that would lead to his DOOM? Just kidding, it only leads to his complete insanity. Yusuke and Kuwabara ran onto the bus after him.

Kurama sat in the vary back, therefore, Hiei, Yusuke and Kuwabara also sat in the vary back. From here, they could see everything? Even some things they didn?t want to see.

Hiei was still trying to get his Katana away from Kurama when the bus started moving. When it was going at a good speed, Kurama let Hiei have his Katana back. Hiei growled at Kurama as he put his Katana back in its place.

Hiei noticed everything on the bus. It was full of mostly young adults and teens, though there appeared to be a set of 6 or 7 year old twins, and an ancient looking man. The twins were playing with a oddly familiar looking little red ball, while the old man looked like he was enjoying listening to some non-existing music, slowly rocking his head from side to side.

It had only been about 5 or 10 minutes since the bus had started moving, when it slowed down and stopped at a gas station, near a mental institution. The bus driver announced a ?cough- bathroom break, before he got off the bus and headed into the gas station. Half the bus, including Yusuke and Kurama got up and followed him, though they didn?t go into the bathrooms.

Kuwabara, who had seemed to be ?thinking? for the whole bus ride all of the sudden broke out in song, ?99 Bottles of beer on the wall!? Hiei finished the song for him in a dull talk tone, ?99 Baka heads on their shoulders! Rip one apart, slice the other 98, 0 Baka heads on their shoulders!? Kuwabara looked impressed. ?Hiei! You never told me you were musically talented!? Hiei growled at Kuwabara and hit him over the head.

The bus started moving again. The driver must have come back in when Hiei was distracted.

All of the sudden the little kids began to giggle and laugh about something. Soon Kuwabara started chuckling lightly for no reason. Hiei glared at all of them, there was something strange here.

He walked up to the front of the bus to talk to the driver. Hiei saw something he didn?t expect to see. The driver wasn?t the driver that the driver used to be! That is, this driver was a girl and the other one was a guy. Hiei also noticed that she was wearing a white mental institution coat and driving at the same time? How? Hiei didn?t know. All of the sudden he remembered her face. It was Mana!!!

?WHAT THE #$!?!? Hiei?Err?Bleeped.

Mana gasped. ?NAUGHTY BOY! BAD BLEEPER! NO BLEEPY BLEEPING BLEEPA BLEEPERS!? she screamed. Hiei stared blankly.

It was then that he realized that the vents were on. He took a calming breath? Big mistake. Suddenly images?Memories, started flashing thru Hiei?s mind. ?Flash- He was struggling with a little ball. -Flash- He threw Mr. Ball at Mana. ?Flash- He was?Oh wait, that was just the sun? ?Flash- Mana was pelting him with balls. ?Flash- Mana was laughing like a maniac while the cops were arresting him.

Mana was laughing evilly again and she somehow magically had taken her coat off. ?The laughing gas is working perfectly! You remember, don?t you Hiei??

Hiei blinked at her. ?What plan? Why laughing gas? How do you know my name!?! Fluffy pink bunnies scare me!!!?

Mana looked like she was about to burst from laughing. ?The plan I planned when I planned to escape after I planned my plan to plan that plan for this plan which is the plan of taking everyone to Lala Land!!! And I don?t know and I looked it up in the phonebook and WHERE!?!? Mana ducked behind her seat.

?Right Here!!!? All of the sudden a teenager came running up to Hiei and Mana with a fluffy pink bunny puppet.

Hiei gasped and hid behind another seat.

Mana jumped back up, leaving her drivers seat in order to shake a rubber chicken in the teens face. ?NOW FACE THE WRATH OF TEH CLAM O? TEH EBIL GUPPEH CLAM O? DOOMNESS!!!? Mana screamed.

The puppet was whacked out of the teenager?s hand by the rubber chicken. ?Thank you! You freed me!? The teen said, hugging Mana. Mana squawked and fell over.

?Hey Mana? Mind if I ask you something?? Mana shook her head.

?Nope. I was gonna ask myself the same thing anyway, Jo Jo.?

?Alright, then who?s driving?? Jo Jo asked.

Mana?s eyes went wide. ?Oh no! I left the stove on!? Mana and Jo Jo jumped back up to see who was driving.

There, sitting in the drivers seat, was the old man? Still bobbing his head from side to side.

This time Hiei jumped up. He then started shouting and running in circles, ?HE?S DEAD! SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE! OR THE POLICE! OR THE VET! OR THE DOG CATCHERS! OR WAL-MART! OR MCDONALDS! I?M HUNGRY!?

The old man slowly turned his head to look at Hiei. He stared at him for a second then his eyes went wide? Then he pounced on Hiei.

Mana and Jo Jo stared at the old man and Hiei struggling, and then shrugged and Mana took the drivers seat again.

?Nice to meet you Hungry? I?m The Old Man? Call me Tom.? Tom said, still trying to pin Hiei down. ?Tell me, did you steal my buddy, Mr. Ball?? Tom asked Hiei.

Hiei shook his head vigorously then looked as though he might just cry. ?No, he was my buddy too! He?s?He?s?He?s? Hiei was choking on the last word? Actually it was Tom strangling him?

?He?s dead!? Hiei shouted. Tom looked as though he also might cry.

?Who did it?!? He demanded. Hiei pointed at Mana as Jo Jo was singing ?it?s a small world? to herself in the background.

?We must avenge poor Mr. Ball!? Tom shouted as he shook his cane in outrage.

Hiei, who had been half distracted by Jo Jo, began singing along with her--Only with different lyrics. ?Oh, lets avenge our Mr. Ball! He?s the greatest ball of all! He?s the smallest ball of all! He?s a small, small, ball!? He sang it like Josh Grodan. (A.N: FYI, to all who don?t know who Josh Grodan is, he?s a opera/pop (Or so my sister says) singer. He sung ?I want to spend my lifetime loving you.? you know? For ?The mask of Zorro.? In other words, he has a deep voice? -.-)

Tom stopped looking outraged long enough to hear Hiei and Jo Jo and bob his head even further side to side.

Hiei quickly looked around for something to hit Mana on top of the head with. Then he saw? ?MR. BALL!?!? Hiei shouted at the little ball that the twins had been previously playing with.

??!!!!!!!!!? Mr. Ball ?Ehem- Jr. shouted at Hiei. ????!!!? Mr. Ball Jr. continued.

?You heard him!? Tom suddenly whispered in Hiei?s ear, so Mana wouldn?t hear. ?Lets let HIM avenge his father!?

Hiei and Tom nodded to each other, the twins seeing this, copied them. Hiei and Tom stared at them. The twins stared back. Tom scratched his head. The twins scratched their heads. Hiei continued to stare. Then Tom said, ?Simon says touch your toes?? The twins did nothing. Then Hiei tickled Tom a little. One of the twins tickled the other, then the other tickled? the? Other? Anywho, they ended up in a heap of laughter.

Hiei and Tom nodded to each other again, and then Hiei whispered, ?On three.? He picked up Mr. Ball Jr. and turned to Mana and Jo Jo.

?One?? Hiei said.

?Six?? Tom said.

?Fivety five?? Hiei said.

?Twentyteen?? Tom Said

?THREE!? They both shouted.

Hiei threw Mr. Ball Jr. at Mana. Unfortunately, he hit Jo Jo instead.

Jo Jo rubbed her head and picked up Mr. Ball Jr. then looked at Hiei and Tom. ?What was that for?? She asked.

Hiei and Tom quickly pointed at Mana who was whistling and driving with her eyes closed.

Jo Jo growled and threw Mr. Ball Jr. at Mana, hitting her square in the head. ?HEY!? Mana shouted at Jo Jo, ?What was THAT for??

Jo Jo pointed at Hiei and Tom.

Hiei and Tom grew BIG sweat drops and just stood there, trying to look innocent.

Mana stared at them, then shrugged and threw Mr. Ball Jr. over her shoulder? And out the window.

Hiei and Tom looked mortified. ?NOOOOO!!!? They screamed and ran to a window, sticking their faces to it like bugs on a windshield.

?WHY! OH, WHY!? Hiei shouted at no oneness.

?For plot purposes and more laughs.? Mana said simply.

The sky began to darken for some odd reason. Black clouds were slowly creeping in on them and the wind picked up drastically.

?Oh! Look! Look! It?s a kitty!!!? Jo Jo said, jumping up and down and squealing. She was pointing at the road also.

Mana squinted to see what Jo Jo was pointing at. As the bus drew closer, the thing became clearer.

Jo Jo suddenly got a wide-eyed expression and fell backwards, landing on her rump. ?THAT is NOT a kitty!? She screeched.

Hiei and Tom came over to look at it.

?A duck?? Hiei guessed.

?A Heffalump?? Tom suggested. Everyone stared at him like he was missing a few marbles?Which he was?Then they all nodded in agreement.

?Could be.? Mana said.

Then she got a good look at it. ?But Its worse! IT?S A COW!? She shouted.

?MOOOOOO!? Said the cow? And Jo Jo.

Everyone in the bus screamed! (A.N: Duh. -.-)

Mana veered to the left, narrowly missing the cow.

The bus fell down the side of the road, the side with trees all over it.

The bus hit a bunch of the trees and magically ended up breaking open a bunch of laughing gas containers.

?Oh no! Too much!? Mana laughed and the whole bus began laughing hysterically before ?Whiting Out? and crashing at the bottom.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


YuYu Hakusho at the club by Wolfgodessofthemoon
Fav color
what u ordered the mostMartini
how much you spent$30,253
your fav dance songi like the way you move
the guy you danced with the mostHiei
how much he loves he loves the way you move: 80%
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A Yu Yu Hakusho Slumber Party! by blakkat
Fave Color
Fave Yu Yu Boy
Fave Yu Yu Girl
You All Slept Over At ________ HouseYour House
You Got Kissed WhenBotan did because of a dare
Kuwabara Got Slapped WhenBotan was aiming for Koenma but hit him instead
You WatchedSecret Window
You Did _______ In Truth or DareCalled ur mom and asked her for condoms
You Went Crazy Whendidnt go crazt everyone but Hiei and u didnt
You Went To Sleep At2:00 am
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What Yu Yu Hakusho Character Will You Have Nighmares About? by CPMiko
Your Name
Your Favorite YYH character
Scariest YYH character
What was the last thing you drank?
Your Nightmare:You have become Kuwabara
Years You Will Have this Nightmare:3,644
What I Think About It:It's not my fault.
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Yu Yu Hakusho Boy Friend by IchigoKaiba
User Name
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Are you a demon
Where you metAt the Dark Tournament...
How you metThe monkeys kidnapped you...o.O
Your guyHiei Jaganshi
How much he loves you...: 75%
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What does Hiei think of you by BlackWave
Fav Color
Hair Color
Eye Color
Your special ability
The Element your powers are based off of
Hiei thinksHe wants your body. Hiei loves you so much and whould kill until he get what he wants. (you)
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Sunday, December 5, 2004

Many thing have happened 2 me in the past few days
Parades suck.
Not if you’re a spectator, but if u have to march and play an instrument, it sucks
My mom and brother left for PARTS UNKNOWN!
ok, maybe to Boone, NC, but that leaves me alone during the day!
At night, I have 2 stay w/ my grandma
Why must the good always have 2 be watched/stalked!
That’s right, the birds stalk me
Laugh all u want, but they do!
Hiei looks really hot, like always (drool)
Me and my friend Aurora started naming hot anime guys.
Mine (not in order except Hiei first); Hiei, Yoko, Yusuke demon form, teen Koenma, Sniper, Len/Ren, Hao/Zeke, Seto, Malik, Marik, Yami Yugi, Yugi, Gohan (teen), Sanoske, Kenshin the Battosai, Aoshi, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha human, Inuyasha demon, Naraku, Mew from Pokemon, I forgot the rest!
Aurora’s (not in order except Kurama 1st); Suichi, Yusuke human, Lord Bulman, Horo Horo/Trey, Yoh, Lyserg, Link (video game), Ed (from metal alchemist), Bakura, Trunks, Yahiko, Kenshin Himura regularly, Kouga, Miroku, Vulpix, i forgot the rest!
I have a really short memory span
Hanging w/ my granny wasn’t so bad
I got tacos 4 dinner and waffles 4 breakfast
I haven’t had waffles in 3 yrs.
I missed my cats though
On my way home, cutting through a small park, I met a kat. (male or female?) I had seen him b4, but he never came up 2 me or Aurora b4. I named him Neko. Neko came up 2 me and he rubbed against my legs and I pet him 4 15 min. when I tried 2 go home. Neko kept trying to block my way, and id pet him and walk past. After I left the swings, Neko stared at me until I couldn’t c him anymore! I feel so guilty!
I m a tru neko (the cat and the species) person
I luved the episode of yyh on Saturday
I always do
Hiei’s the best
Im bored! Oh well, I tried out a new style (aka the way I wrote this!). time 2 do stuff.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Has anyone ever wondered why that Sango girl has a boomerang when boomerangs weren't even introduced into Japan unitl way after the Tokagawa Shogunate?
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