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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/16/05:

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What Military Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 06/03/05:

~*~Result nr 6~*~

Your power is: Transformation

Explanation: Unlike everyone else you
can change your body materia and transform into
anything (e.g. an animal). This can be used in
good purposes for infiltrating evil
headcuarters or adjust your physical abilities
by transforming and therefor do better in
battle. If turned to the evil side, a
transfomer could manipulate the "good
guys" by looking like their loved ones and
break them down.
As a person you are dissapointed with life. You
have not so many interests anymore and has
become depressed. Of course you can be happy,
but your happiness subsides quickly and don't
last very long. You isloate yourself from
people since you think they would only hurt
you, but some part just wants someone equal who
understands the pain. When you transform it
gives you freedom and you can be anything but
yourself. You often pity yourself but don't let
people come near and know what's going on with
you. But the thought of opening up and risking
being betrayed is too strong and intimidating
to even try.
Negative aspects: You carry much hate to
the world and yourself and in the long run this
could lead to dangerous thoughts
(suicide/cutting/killing) though the last one
is least likeable since you would probably just
have too much guilt.

What Power is Compatible With You?
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Result Posted on 06/03/05:
^_^ yay!

Hao's Pants
Hao's Pants - Lucky you! You've got STYLE! And the
best pants on the list! That's why they have a
shrine! All of Hao's powers secretly derive
from these awesome pants. Don't believe that
Great Spirit of Fire crap. HIROYUKI LIES.

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
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Result Posted on 10/04/04:

Result Posted on 07/19/04:

You represent... anger.
You represent... anger. Mad at the world, eh? You have a tendency to...
freak out easily. Overly emotional about
everything, you're most prone to bouts of
cruelty and moodiness. Other people may be
afraid of the fact that you explode so easily,
but at least you're honest... even if you're
honest about not liking anything.

What feeling do you represent?
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Result Posted on 07/19/04:
What many people have told me, many times

Result Posted on 07/13/04:
change the girl to a boy, and yes

Result Posted on 07/12/04:
I guess thats tru.

Result Posted on 07/08/04:
I love Sessy. He's almost as cute as Kilala. He's the best evil villian. That moon, it's so cute.

Result Posted on 07/08/04:
This quiz is so true. Inuyasha is so cute!