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Thursday, September 24, 2009

   Almost the end of quarter 1!
Lol, schools going well, still have A's and one B. Lame I know : / Goal one B all year, can't believe it may end up wasted in semester 1.

No new bf HOWEVER lol I do have a guy friend I like, he's a sweety... a very cynical, grumpy, slightly perverted but very funny and easy to talk to sweety lol.

What's really odd is... he knows I like him too, I actually had the guts to tell this one XD

First time EVER I've told a guy I like him, it was crazy. All he had to say about it was "Oh... Cool.". Lol, I was glad, he doesn't really seem like the kinda guy I'd ever go out with, being the cynical type person he is, lol, me, the hopeless romantic who thrives on happy things and love stories and what not... Lol, it's like trying to finish a puzzle with the wrong pieces. It just doesn't freakin work... yet the crush won't go away XD

I mean, I know what I like about him, he's funny, nice, not really my type looks wise but he has an adorable smile and he's a good hugger ;P We hang out at school all the time and I talk to him even more after school lets out, he reminds me a lot of my best friend (hates eggs, prefers cold to heat, so on and so forth, she was the exact same way lol), he watches chick flicks (I laughed my ass off after learning this, he seriously doesn't seem the type XD Went from talking about the omen to talking about confessions of a shopaholic like nothing), he plays guitar <3 (dunno what it is about the musical type guys but for some reason I tend to become attracted to them lol).

XD XD XD HE'S ALSO A TON OF FUN TO PICK ON!!!! Lol, He has like MASSIVE feet! XD And he's in dance class, not by choice but he is XD It was funny today me and a chick friend sat on the bus and were trying to picture him in a leotard and tutu XD Him being a little chunky, it was just the funniest thing ever to imagine!

Now we don't give him crap all the time but it's fun when we do.

He's also like, way uber sarcastic. And today I came to the conclusion that he likes to hear himself talk lol, get him started talking, a dumb little argument or anything like that, he'll just go and go and go and go and go until people stop responding or paying attention XD

His mom is a religious kindergarten teacher, him, atheist lol. And very uncaring about school... till today anyways lol, he's tired of failing all the tests XD He's smart, just apathetic : /

I notice that in a lot of guys.

In which, might I point out, is pretty much ALL I hang out with nowadays, my bestest friend moved at the end of summer so I started hanging out with my other best friends' old buddies, lol, I love the guys, (crush being on of them) they're so fun to be around, never a dull moment. EVER.

Oh! And the ex... yeah... he's still floating back and forth, along with my feelings for him : / Not eating away at me so much since the crush started but still...

XD XD XD And I now know better then to EVER tell my crushes best friend that I like him. Actually any guy that knows the crush that I like XD It was funny, the guys were more pushy about me telling him then the girls were!!! And the girls were more into the idea! Lol. This one guy in my bio class, he's awesome, but yeah, he kept threatening to tell him himself if I didn't soon XD So... yeah lol, I told him.

Hmmm.... well yeah lol, nothing else really, new crush no anime club, good friends, nice school, that's about it. Lol, see ya!

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