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Monday, July 27, 2009

   Summer's end.
Well lets see, dropping by for a hello again mostly. Lol, instead of updating theotaku I'll update on here this time though.

Not much happened over the summer, spent a week in cali for my vacation. It was 50%/50% good and bad.

Finished school shopping the other day, more anime shirts yay me.

Not going back to anime club but since that was my home away from home last year I'll leave the stuff from it on my profile. I'll miss them (changing school so that's why I'm not going)

Me and the 6 month long boyfriend broke up (don't feel like explaining it again, already told some on here though through text, the very few... well one, I keep up with from time to time lol)

Since the break up made a few accomplishments, I:
1. realized being with him killed every impulse to go anime obsessed fangirl mode, i have regained my ability to scare people XD It's still weakened but it's growing by the moment.
2.I actually read a book!
3. i talk to my other friends more instead of just him all day
4. He made me so mad with the last little think he did that I no longer get major cravings to talk to him 24/7. i mean i feel temped to text him from time to time but unlike before I can resist. Goo thing bout guys being jerks I guess.

Can't think of anything else so maybe I'll go... look at other people's profiles if anyone is alive on here still. Lol, I will make an attempt at commenting too but I dunno if it'll actually happen, never could think of stuff to say.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on the other place lol.
Well, it's a huge long post so I just posted it on the other place, lol. I don't expect you guys to read cuz I don't get on here very often anyways. I just posted cuz I felt like it. Well whatever just dropped by to say hello so ^^ Hi everyone!

Lol, and now I must say farewell.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow, lol. October... I can't believe it's been two months since I've been on here last. It feels like it's been a LOT longer then that. Well I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and Thanksgiving and have a good Christmas ^^

Well lets see... what to say what to say... Well I guess I'll start with the good news ^^ Club is going good and bad all at once. Mr. S pretty much hates 75% of the students in the club because they are rude and just obnoxious. You'd think that since August all the creeps would have evened out or gone away but noooo they just got worse x.x

Yearbook pics need to be retaken because of them, we lost the x-mas party cuz of them. Bleh, stupid guys.

The good with the club is that we (historian) get to start the scrap book soon, I'm so excited! I get to have my friend help me out with everything. It's going to be fun.

Other good news, Remember that friend of mine that has a cute smile? Lol, well turns out he likes me, just a little, but likes me none the less. I was surprised to hear that too. XD What's more surprising, he likes my best friend too.

Well last I'd heard he did anyways. Lol, I also... for once, lol, told actually someone I liked them. Lol, yeah even though he'd just admitted to liking me I would have never expected I would admit to liking him too. That's not like me at all.

Ummmm.... Hmmm... I've learned I can Bake recently! XD I love baking cookies. They always turn out really soft and fluffy. Unlike my moms crunchy cookies >.>

Ummm... Ohhh!!! I gots me a new Ipod <3

Ummmm... OMG! I was so happy, last night I found out that the Oban Star Racers Anime was out on DVD finally. I can't wait to tell my friend.

Hmmm... Boyfriend issues finally went away. I'm so glad too. XD Now my friends keep trying to put me together with my friend that I like though. They say we make a cute couple, its kinda funny. Especially since one of my closer friends DIDN'T like that I liked him at first. She's the one that said he was a dork and questioned what I liked about him.

Ummmm.... Oh yeah!!! I'm getting a new camera for my b-day in 9 days <3 I can't wait. I love the camera too. It's small and simple with a big screen in the back.

OMG! Hunter X Hunter is out on dvd now too! I can't wait to buy it with my x-mas money <3

Ummmm.... Idk what else to say so I guess I'll go back and hide under my rock for a few more months, lol. I will honestly be surprised if anyone reads this o.o

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well Hello there everyone.
I miss chu guys >.< Lol, It's been so long since I've been on here, even to visit anymore. It's crazy, I used to live on here practically.

Anyways, I thought since it's late start and no one was on myspace I'd drop by for a visit ^^

Hmmm, school's going well, I got an A in everything but Math last quarter. I only got a B in there. And for not understanding much in there, I'd say that's pretty good. I also made some new friends. Lol, I have so many guy friends anymore, it isn't funny.

And one =) He has just the cutest smile, lol. And then there's one that kinda reminds me of a little brother. Even though he's older then me. He's so sweet. And one of them XD He's so funny. I love talking to him. That's pretty much all I do after I get home, talk to my "brother" (Lol) on myspace and text my funny friend.

I also have a friend... He's awesome, lol. Like, he's bi. But he's the only bi person I know that actually seems bi. Like he actually talks about both guys and girls where as most of my bi friends kinda talk about one or the other. He's a lot of fun to talk to, too.

Although, he's easier and more fun to talk to when it's just us cuz then he'll actually talk. Lol, like about his being wiccan (which is so cool =]) and what guys/girls he thinks are cute and stuff XD Last time we sat outside and talked during the club (They had the horribly dubbed Death Note L.A. movies DX) He went off about how much he LOVED Titanic and how Leonardo Di Caprio is amazing looking in that movies, lol.

Hmmm... Then there's one, he's more an attached friend then a real friend but he's ok. It's weird, he acts like a butt unless I'm talking to him online or I have food XD Like he loves to bug me for chips whenever I buy some at DECA.

Ohhh, And I have one friend, He's so weird XD He'll just randomly bust into dance (Caramelldansen being his favorite song to dance to XD) or start singing (Karma from Bump of Chicken and just about anything from High and Mighty Color are common in physics XD). Lol, and Dude, I love him so much XD He gave me a ton of Japanese music the other day. Well it was a music share (I let him borrow my cds and he put his music on a usb port for me) But yeah, lol. It was awesome.

Oh! I LOVE Aqua Timez <3 That is my new band "thing" right now. Lol. Then and Bump of Chicken and High and Mighty Color. Ohhh, and Maximum The Hormone <3<3<3 OMG!!! I'm getting MtH CDs today =O I can't wait!!! =D

Lol, yep yep. My historian job for the club is going really well too <3 I love taking pictures. Lol, and that's how I noticed that one friend of mine had a super cute smile XD i never really paid attention to his smile until I was looking at the prints.

XP Ariana went off on me about it too XD She says I have the weirdest taste in guys cuz I have a thing for all the dorks (He's a Naruturd btw XD He keeps bugging me to wear my gloves so I have to wear them today XD). But I'm serious, he has the cutest smile, lol. I don't care what she think XP

Hmmm... well I gotta go pack up my paper and stuff for school. Bye bye peoples. ^^ See you all later.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

   Oh wow, I, like, never get on here anymore o.o
How've you guys all been doing lately?

Sorry I never get on anymore, I practually live on myspace though so if you haven't already added me you should ^^

Hmmm, the anime club and school are going well. I got the historian position I wanted (yeah I mentioned this before but whatever) so I'm happy about that =) I also have an A in every class except Geometry which I have a B in.

Ohhh and I got a new Japanese CD yesterday. The Brilliant Green. Good 90's soft rock band.

Ummm, I'e made a TON of new friends at school ^^ I love my friends so much, they're so great. Lol.

besides the cracked out family they made up monday. It' looks something like this...

Me: mom
Jonathan: son (I see him more like a little brother though X3)
Ariana: granddaughter (result of last years totally messed up family)
Phylicia: My daughter AND Ariana's adopted daughter (she wanted two moms XD)
Chris: dad (without my permission >.< I want a divorce! XD)
Jalisa: daughter (disowned)
Steph: daughter (disowned)
Kirsten: granddaughter (disowned and despised >.>)

Ummm... I don't remember the rest of the family XD There are too many of us. I always end up as a mom thouhg >.< I'm not that bossy am I??? Lol, I only nag when they're doing worse then they can (Like a good friend of mine has a failing grade in nearly every clas x.x I was bugging him for a LONG time to get those up, which he is working on now) r doing something really super stupid.

Oh wells. I guess I'mma go now, I've been gone so long I can't think of much else to talk about.

Hmmm, I guess I'll see ya'll.... next time... Well, bye ^^

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got the position I wanted. It rocks, big time!

Ya'll are probably so confused XD

I got the President of the Historian Committee position that I wanted in the anime club ^^ (which my profile on here is getting more school related daily o.O).

Lol, if you're on my myspace you should go lookie at the pics I took from the ramen eating contest yesterday ^^ The file should be JCAC.

XD There weren't any chopsticks so everyone had to eat with their hands, it was funny. and messy.

And then afterwords was so funny. My new friend Jonathan and his friend Phylicia were messing around and were just such a hilarious pair to watch XD They argued a vast majority of the time cuz she went "prep mode" and was annoying him. Lol, I've never seen him annoyed before it's an amusing and very defiant side of him.

=( He didn't come to school today either XD I'm going to have to turn into his alarm clock for him pretty much, he ALWAYS misses the bus and never has a ride to school. So yeah I offered to text him about 15, 20 minutes before his bus gets there, lol. I hope it helps him out some. His dad was PO'd at him earlier for missing school again. this is the 4th time and if he misses 10 days he fails all his classes.

I'm so happy with myself. I have all the upper club members happy with me. I never noticed that the noob haters liked me till yesterday O.O

I was watching that video and they were talking crap about the noobs (which being a noob myself I found them talking crap amusing) the they were all "except the chick in the Kenny shirt, she's cool" when I heard that I was all "Yay I'm cool!!!" XD Yeah I'm just weird like that.

I'm friends with the treasurer too. She's funny. And very nice ^^ Lol, although she can be scary at the club sometimes o.o she yells when people get too loud.

And they (the noob haters and my "boss") called (most of) us goldfish >.< Lol, no one was paying attention so they kept saying we had the attention span of a goldfish. It was funny.

Well ummm... still hate geometry X.X that class is going to be the death of me I swear.

Art sucked today, no Daniel so not only was the class boring, I had no math homework help. He's been kinda tutoring me lately. He's such a big help ^^

Ummm.... well.... yeah I guess I'm done. Bye bye ^^

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok well I have a club meeting today...
and I had one monday. And I love the club. Ha ha. Almost (almost) as much as I do myotaku. Lol, I fit in so much in both places.

I think this was the first day of JC/AC... yep first day ^^

So is the video down there. That's their demonstration of a fangirl for the noobs. There were some mighty stupid people there x.x

Well I gotta go. So yeah I'll leave with what I go to twice a week ha ha. Bye!!! ^^

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

   what a strange video....
An Cafe - Odoru Marchen Tokei

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   Well.... I broke up with him.....
Yep yep, I broked up with John. He's a really really great guy and it was all working out, I was just tired of having to live though my phone to be happy. I want to actually be WITH the person I'm calling my boyfriend not see them once and leave it at that.

>.> Plus he was being a major pain in the butt lately. Like he's jealous of my guy friends cuz I have one I talk to a lot lately. He was being extremely whiny, every little thing would set him off crying. It was getting to be too stressful for me >.>

Oh but I do have some good news ^^ I put in an application to be historian of the anime club and the current historian said I had a really good application and that I might be put up to vote for the top position of the historian committee =D I Kinda want the top position but then again I don't. I'm horrible at taking notes and remembering stuff >.< I love cameras though and that's the main job is to take pictures =D

Ohhhh, and my new friend Jonathan (I met him at the club too) He got me hooked on this game called Mabinogi. It's so fun, lol. Which btw I have high speed internet now =D =D =D

Lol, yeah I spent a vast majority of the day (around 6 or 7 hours) playing that game. And maybe... 4 and a half, 5 hours I was playing with him. I'm still not that far though v.v Lol, I shall work on it though!!! Lol, if anyone else has that game you should look me up ^^ I'm in the... Talurch(?) server and my girl's name is Katline.

Hmmm, what else, oh yeah ^^ Anime club is being bumped up from once a week to two days a week finally. I'm so happy.

and I have a test to study for.... And math homework to do so bye bye ^^

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Monday, September 8, 2008

   Idk why but ever since I got home and put in this mix CD (that a very perverted jerk that I used to see as a friend gave me >.>) I've felt like crap...

Even my BF and close friends haven't been able to cheer me up and normally they're pretty good at that..........

Gah where's Gustavo when I need him???........... Oh yeah he's visiting his sick grandpa... bleh >.< Today was going so well too. Stupid guys.

Well I lucked out of a test in French today. That was a good thing. And Marc and Daniel were fun to talk to in art like always. Hmmm, and John, He's so sweet, I wish I wasn't so blah feeling >.> He keeps trying to help me feel better and it isn't working.......

Oh... wow, IM chatrooms sure are useful. I found someone to talk to that cheered me up ^^

Hmmm, I met my counselor today too. She's.... not someone I'm going to be going to with my problems, lol. Like she's not scary or mean or anything she just doesn't seem like the type of person I'd talk to. I'd rather talk to you guys on here or my friends or my mom. Lol, you guys pretty much hear just about everything.

Which I'm now gonna go text John cuz I'm no longer in a cruddy mood ^^ My new myspace friend cheered me up.

Bye bye guys ^^

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