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my names 2D and i sing and play keyboard for Gorillaz
lets see, Murdoc and me started the band way back in 2000 and surprisingly were still famous
you know, i didnt think this band wos gonna last 1 year let alone 7..but what the fuck do i know right?
anyway i wos born in Crawly UK and then moved to Essex cos i felt like it.
um i wrote every song (except DARE) that weve ever sang in our whole career.
Noodle says she did but shes lyin..shes a liar so dont listen to anythin she says cos its not true.
i guess thats it..i dunno :)
im not a roleplayer ok.

here, go visit my girlfriend
Shattered Peices
i luv you Keiti

thats me

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanksgiving :)
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