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Much to my parents chagrin, my interest in anime grew to an obsession. I've never been to a convention tho, when i do eventually get to one I dont plan to dress up, beyond maybe a hairstyle or somin. I really like talking about anime so if you r interested in talking send me a message or sign my guest book. Allow me to warn you right now that I am extremely random, both when talking, and in what I like. Anime, manga, anime music, r what I enjoy. As far as anime music I like Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura. Eventually I'll put up a post with all of the anime I've seen on it, I've already done one with manga. So far all of my wallpapers are Fruits Basket...yeah...been going through a Friuts Basket phase. I'm going to make some for other series as well, I'm just waiting to be hit by the mighty stick of inspiration.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

   yay summer

summer! woohoo! I'm finally done writing papers! I think that i prefer exams to writing papers...my ability to focus is horrendous, and there are always distractions when writing papers. Somehow i survived, got good grades on both papers, and now im done! I actually got away with writing a research paper on anime for my religion paper! May as well write about something i like =P
Now that i have some free time, im going to update my site!! Once i do that, ill work on some new wallpapers and stuff. I'm also going to try get better at visiting other people's sites, usually when i visit a site i leave a comment, but sometimes i get a brain fart and cant come up with anything to say -_-
My best friend came in town last week, her only visit for the summer (she's working at a summer camp, no time off T-T) of course she had to come over exam week! I got to see her for a half hour before heading off to my next exam T-T
Is it just me, or is it really unfair that she only gets saturdays off for the rest of the summer? I mean, come on don't they have enough help that they can allow their employees at least one 2 or 3 day break??
gtg! toodles!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

   Its Done!

I finally finished and submitted the Hatsuharu wallpaper ive been working on for the last two months!! Its pathetic that it took me soo long but I wanted to make it really good and each of the images in it required a lot of cleaning up. I also tend to get obsessed over the little details which take forever =P but its finally done and I'm very happy with it ^-^
Right now my life continues to consist of my jobs and school. This term im in: Photography, Flash Animation, Children's Literature, and a religion class on the spiritual world. So far they are all pretty interesting, and my o so heavy reading for this weekend is "Green Eggs and Ham" =D
Well, i have to go and write a reading response for my religion class, believe it or not I plan to tie Fullmetal Alchemist into it =P
taa taa for now!!

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