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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

   my mom
well me and my step mom got in a fight she was screaming at me so i yelled at her to if she dosent have respect for me why should i have it for her? it started with her talling my dad that i was disrespectfull to everyone and that i was such a bad kid and how whe dident want me so i started twlling her about her own kids and how disrespectfull they are i kinda hurt destinys feelinf=gs but were friends agian.eny ways she was telling me that i was throwing a fit and that she wasent going to try to keep me from my mom and that i would have to go back to her.then my sister Amber started crying. i almost punched her in the face (my step mom)then we were screaming verry loud and demi and dayle started crying so me and my step mom were yelling and everyone elts was crying when my dad came back me and destiny became friends and it was all over (we were in walmart parking lot and my dad left befor we started fighting)

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