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ok im ziopheths sister just with a little - thing in the middle i did not really want to change it because all of my friends and stuff so i just added you to my new friends list. agian i dident do this because i wanted to i had to because you couldent see any of my posts so i would really like you to come and sign my gb agian.!!! so i can have it like it used to be. TTFN *hope this works*

Monday, May 1, 2006

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FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?

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. Done right.


Monday, April 24, 2006

  OMG OMG OMG im going to FLY like in a plane all by my self this summer... i know im actually going to because it's already paid for...and unlike all the rest of my family my aunt keeps her promises!!! it's going to be soooo scarry but im going to sooo love it...plus i get to stay there for as long as i want so yeah... i have slept 6 hours of the past 42 hours. it's so great.. i was really sleepy at first but now im not yay not being sleepy

Sunday, April 23, 2006

me and JD


ok im babysitting and i put jessica to bed and decided to watch a movie so i picked out the blair witch project it really scared me alot... i dont even know when it came out or anything but i had heard of it before and stuff...well anyways i was watching it and something hit the wall and it really freaked me out!!! i was sooo scared.. and then someone told me that it was fake and it was all shot for a project for school or something... that just ruined the movie!!! well i dont know if i believe it or not but it dosen't scare me as much... yeah what i want to know is if you've heard of it and if you think it's fake tike they said or not... i cant tell it looks pretty real and stuff like they dont actually show the "monster" or "witch" but it still is scarry it looks like they were just filming as they were running if it was fake wouldent it show them turn around to show the "witch" i dont know

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