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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i really don't know what to say... to everyone who is getting used to me talking to u everyday... im sorry but i might be off for a while because i might be moving soon but if im not don't worrie i might be on but i dont know i know i wont be able to get on from friday to sunday morning.... well i havent benn up to anything new... im still at kayla's house... im going to paint my roon purple!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really don't know what to say.....
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

ive lost jd somewhere... our daughter is dead...she's a teddy bear...im sick...my head is killing me,the smell of food turns my stomach over...people ore so loud...theres so many idiots at school...theres like 15 in my one language arts class alone...i have to sit with them listening to pointless shit that i dont want to hear or already know and WILL NOT use ever ever agian...ok so i have to sit there which is already bad then you add the fucking losers that do nothing but try to steal or fuck with my only shit i have left...i hate school... no scratxh that i hate PEOPLE... i dont know why i even try i mean i hate 75% of the people there... the other 20% i don't know...then the small amount thats left you can call my "friends"... i really should forget it... forget that im sad or whatever i am... yeah thats it...i sometimes wish i could go...without kayla being sad...or her going too... never mind im just talking now i would NEVER leave her behind NEVER dont think sor a second that i would ok because i really do love you even if you're mom dosen't act like she dose sometimes...dont forget that you're perfect...in every way... jd i miss you alot...to everyone elts im sorry this past week hasen't been my best and im not myself at all im sorry if i took it out on you all of you... i really am... i love you kayla always and forever...
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

hi right now im at school and i cant say much because of that but i will be on later too. i just wanted to let everyone know that im not dead or aything... i want everyone to bo get the movie GIRL INTURUPTED it's the best movie ever
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Friday, March 17, 2006

hey i told yall ill finnish later so im going to now...i feel like total shit...i hate my life and almost everyone in it... i woke up feeling like this so it's not really anyone's fault... i just do... well i talked one of the only ppl i really care about anymore today so im not feeling quite as bad but it still wont go away... i really dont know whats worse having a family who totally hates you or not having one at all... sometimes i wish i dident have one at all...i mean than i wouldent have ppl to tell me to be more like all my friends that i bring over and not like myself... i mean thats all they want from me is fo me to totally change my whole way of thinking...mabey i should mabey i should just rethink myself and be what they want me to be... mabey thats why im so fucking screwed up in the head mabey thats why my b/f dosent even want me anymore...it's so fucked up... he talks to my little sister more than he talks to me...well i guess thats what i get for being so stupid i mean i should have known that he'd realise that he deserves someone smarter prettier and whatecer more than me...ok so heres the top ten things i hate about my life and me
1)i dont belong
2)im ugly
3)im not smart
4)everyone in my family wants me to be something im not
5)im never good enouph
6)i complain too much
7)not verry many of my friends are real
8)i hate me
9)im sad all the time and have no clue why
10)i cry too much///
in no order

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i really dont know what to write about i just thought id write something to let everyone that i havent dropped dead yet...well i stayed at my dad's house which was a big mistake because my step sister had one of her preppy friends over and they were so rude... which isn't suprising but the treated me like a total freak...which...well...i cant complain...i can be a total freak sometines...but did she really have to shove my converse on the bottom of her closet??? when i found them this morning they were all squished well i have ALOT more to say but im getting yelled at right now so ill finish this in another post in like 30 min. so yeah...
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

You are special because you are 100% individual.

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else does them. You might to do them, but

that's only when you want to. You are alot

like creativity(another result), but you do

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you, whether it's natural or not bugs you

alot. You rarely give in and and would do

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done before. You don't change yourself for

others and will usually give your true

opinion about anyone or anything even if it

is a little rude and that's your flaw. But

aside from that you are a true friend and

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

i told you it would get annoying soon it already has... well i'll change it as soon as im done writing thisso if you see flowers im still choosing another one well ill try to get to everyone's sites today but im not so shoure if i can so yeah i need to do slot plus im talking to ziopheth on im so im really doing alot so if i don't get to you're site don't feel too bad but u might remind me to...im getting kinda sick tho so i might not be on as long as i might want to be... but ill be on as long as i can see what im typing... last night my bf called all emo and junk... his thoughts had torn him apart and once agian i was left to pick up the peices. he's ok now though...i went to see a movie last night it was that one movie about the guy who gets bitten by a magical dog...it was funny. but this one person was being mean to me he said that i had handle bars as hair... then when i got home i was accused of taking a razor just cause they misplaced it and accused me of cutting... i should just to make them see that i do what the hell i want when i want... but i promised my best friend in the whole world that i wouldent so im not going to... but i could... anyways enouph emo shit for one post...well how is everyone elts heres some questions...
1)what color is your hair
2)do u have freckles
3)do u like pizza
4)do u like cows
5)i have cows
6)do u like my site
7)do u know october blue
8)you should if you dont so go find her

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