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I'm bridget aka zim236. I'm currently 18 years old and in a few months I'm going into the army as a miltimedia specialist. I have a boyfriend who's name is Matt and I love him very very much! I've been an anime fan for a very long time and will be an anime fan for life. It all started with Salior Moon when i was 10. lol I'm very into video games and sometimes think I'm obsessed with them.=D I can pritty much relate to anyone so I conciter myself friendly.

so comment, sighn my geustbook and PM me if u wanna i'm happy to talk to anyone.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

   lol I love being dirty. XD

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  Yes theday I was forced to watch the most stupid movie. It was a horror filck. I hate every "scary" movie that has come out recently. Their all after either the sex factor or the gore factor. Blood and guts is cool but no one has come out with an alright story line since "the shining" why doesn't any body write great horror movies any more to be truthful suspence and sci fi moives scare me more than horror flicks today. but if u put in good old clasics like the shinins, salem's lot, pulterguist, the first omen. I'd be happy. they have realy story lines. the original j=houe of wax is terrifying the one with paris hilton is a joke. We need real movie writers and not half ass productions. At least that's my opinion. Also when it somes to vampires I like them better in books and cartoons, in the movies they seem a lil cheeesy, the first two Blade movies are good and so isn't the comis series for Blade. Why have vampires become frivolous whores in every movie that has been made about then since the 70's? It annoyies me
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

  I've had a really bad day! I spilled wax all over me in art class and I can't get it out of my hair and my mom can't get me or at least bring me a pair of cloths b/c my dad has the car. I want to go home take a shower so badly!
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Hey I'm sooo excited this weekend is going to be the Relay for Life!!! It's a fundraiser for cancer reserch. I've done this ever since I was 12! It's kinda a family tradition. My emediate family has a team and some of my extended family has one too. We all decided to do it b/c my aunt died of brest cancer my grandma had brest cancer. and my mom has lympoma and stomach cancer. It's hard on us but as a family we pull together quite nicely.

Some scientist that worked on trying to find a cure for cancer stayed on a high school track and walked around the track for a complete 24 hrs to raise money and awareness of cancer reserch! We as teams immitate what he did. we set up tents on the track's football feild and take turns walking the track. the point is to keep at least one member of ur team on the track walking at all times.this fundraiser is nation wide. I always do it and am always phyched for it!

The only down side to it is it always lands on the weekend of my b-day. It's on the 9th and the relay is on the 9th and 10th, b/c of this I haven't had a birthday party in 7 years. it sucks but I'm doing something good for other ppl who need it.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

   My new BG
By background went bad on me yesterday so I changed it to Devil May Cry! I'm obsessed with the video games so badly! Dente is so supa awsome! I have all of the games from Devil May Cry 1 to 3. Their saposed to be a Devil May Cry 4 and I can't wait! It's going to be on PS3! The games are really cool. Ur a deamon fighting the Devil who is trying to take over the world. lol. It's so crazy!

I think I'm too into video games for a girl. I like to think I act like a girl but alot of things about me are guy like.

I love video games, fast cars, and sports. Put me in front of a T.V around football season and I'll have so much fun, and I can burp with the best. But I also am really into dance, I love putting make up on and looking cute! and other "girly" stuff... I think I'm a tom boy in a chick's body. Is that weird or should I just ignore my insecurities?

Yesterday I got bored so I started watching old anime I haven't watched in years that I had recorded on tape, and I found some of my old Rurouni Kenshin anime. I loved it sooo much! My fav character is Sanosuke he is sooo cool! I want to get the symbol for bad tattooed on me because I saw it on this show a long time ago. Sanosuke had it on the back of his shirt lol. I know it's geeky but I like it. XP

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey everyone! sry I've been gone! I was really busy doing graduation stuff and other junk! Next weekend is my B-day and I've got nothing planned! It's so weird that I'm turning 18 in 10 days! I still feel like a little kid. lol.

I also only have a week of school left! Yay one more week till I'm done with high school... FOREVER! MWAHAHAHA! I'm gonna go crazy this summer have tons of fun with my friends the go into the Army on August 28th!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hi everyone!
Hey sry I've been really busy. I've read two diffrent books in one week one is a graphic novel called flight. It has diffrent comics done by diffrent artists. this one is called "Hunter" it makes me feel happy inside! it's soooooo funny!

The other magna I'm reading is called Yotsuba! it's really funny so far!
I also tried to fix the pic of me and Matt. I hoped it worked!

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