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Hey this is Z just letting (anyone who cares) ok so at the moment im trying to fix Zethas up a bit (not doing too well) so if anyone has any tips help me out plezz!
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------Quote of the day------

Found in lanuage book:
The organization was known as the Sons of Liberty, and every member was a Patriot.

weird an't it?

-------quik lyrics------

(not mine but i like them)
she finally drank the pain away a little at a time
but she could never get durnk enough to grt him off her mind
until the night
she put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger
finally drank away his memory
life is short but this time it was bigger with the stregnth she had to get up on her knees we found with her face down in the pillow clinging to his picture for dear life
we buried her with him beneath the willow
and the angels sang the whiskey lullaby
la la la la la la
la la la
la la

-Whiskey lullaby

Thursday, April 26, 2007

   ok this is the second part of the book im working on
Chapter 2
Brutus: Warrior of Fire

Kaylos found himself in a large chamber made completely out of diamond. The chamber was so enormous a mountain could fit neatly in it with room to spare. Kaylos looked around the large area.
“ Where am I?” he thought out loud.
“You are in my domain." a loud voice boomed.
Suddenly there was a bright flash of light. Kaylos was forced to close his eyes. Then he saw before him a golden griffon its entire body bathed in light. It had four horns, which curved towards a ball of light above its head. It had six wings that looked like streams of light. Its eyes glowed like miniature suns. Kaylos found himself staring in aw.
“Kaylorn, god of light.” Kaylos muttered.
“Kaylos, on you I must bare a great burden.” The god spoke loudly.
“Great burden?”
“Yes, you are the one who must fight the chaos, and save this world!”
“Fight the chaos? But how? Why?”
“I am afraid that I cannot tell you how… but I can show you why.”
There was another flash of light Kaylos found himself sanding in a void. He was completely weightless here and with some difficultly tried to keep his footing. Suddenly he heard the voice again.
“When the universe began, everything was incomplete. The elements ran in the space fighting with each other, destroying each other.”
Kaylos saw a blaze of fire rush towards them he braced himself for the heat but if passed through him. Then he saw water rushing left and right putting out flames and then stopping as if frozen in time and starting again. He also saw rock appearing smashing into plants that seemed to grow out of nowhere. There were also times when light would flash and moments when everything would go pitch-black.
“ Then we were born, out of these elements. We were brought here to bring order.”
Then Kaylos saw forms coming out of each element. The first god he saw was Taylos. He looked almost like a sethan but he had antlers like a deer, he also had fur that seemed to change from red to green to white, and his eyes glowed an iridescent color.
“ Taylos was the first to rise. You know him as the god of earth and nature. Without him there would be no life in any world.”
Next he saw the god known as Faylorn. He was like a snake but was bright red and had two huge front arms. He also had a line of plates on his back that represented a volcano. His eyes glowed a dark red color.
“ Then there was Faylorn, god of fire and wind. He created the planet’s volcanoes that shaped the earth.”
After that he saw the god called Ronock. He had the body of a horse and the head of an eagle with long antlers and spikes of ice running down his back. His to front legs were long dark blue talons. His eyes glowed slate blue.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   Ok little bored so here is ome of the book im working on :
The sky was black from the ash in the air. Everything was dieing. It seemed that all the small shrubs that grew on Deathridge were choking in the ash filled air. Deathridge was a very large mountain range on the edge of the Darkwoods. Deathridge is made of just black rock and brush, especially after the countless battles that scarred the land permanently. The band of sethan solders that now fought on this battlefield had dug a trench to protect them from the onslaught of arrows, spears, and bullets. They had been sent to scout out a dark sethan camp but they were ambushed by over one hundred of the bloodthirsty monsters. The battle had continued for days and the dark sethans didn’t sleep at all. The small platoon of sethans could not take much more, but their leader wouldn’t let them die, Kaylos couldn’t give up, he was one of the few that refused to die.
Kaylos is the supreme commander of the sethan army, his hard life had taught him that giving up was not an option. His title didn’t stop people from ridiculing him though, those who believe that he pushed his men to hard, and people who believed that he led his men to their deaths hated him with a passion. During one of his “heroic” moments he lost his arms, his tail, his left wing and his left eye, the medal covered his neck and is red in contrast to his black fur. These injuries were caused when he dueled with the dark sethan general known as Skullus. He told no one why Skullus spared him… just that a friend helped him.
At the moment he was ready to face any pain to just take back the stupid move he made when he lead his platoon through that canyon. His men were exhausted, their water was almost gone and the ammunition was almost out. It wouldn’t be long before the dark sethans would overtake them. Kaylos wouldn’t believe that though, but deep in his heart he knew that they would not survive.
“ Keep pressing on them.” Kaylos yelled above the roar of guns shooting off.
“ If we hold on until morning those things will have to retreat!”
“ Sir!” one of the men yelled further down the deep trench. It took Kaylos a good while to reach him. He had to crawl even though the trench was deep.
“ What is it solder?” Kaylos asked when he finally reached the sethan.
“Look closely…” the solder replied “ in their front line, Skullus is leading them!”
Kaylos looked above the trench wall and could see the dark figure of Skullus he wore pitch black armor, which covered his chest and legs. His arms however, were uncovered. Kaylos understood why, on command he could shape both of his arms into swords. Which was why he was known to the dark sethans as Corlog or “death bringer”. Skullus had brought devastation wherever he went, he would do anything to gain the praise of his queen. Kaylos couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, but now wasn’t the time. Now he had to get his men out of this horrible situation. He knew that Skullus wouldn’t spare them they had only one option: to take the fall and send as many of those monsters down with them as possible. He stood in the trench thrust his left medal arm out. Three blades made from the strongest steel slid out of his wrist and immediately glowed blue with electricity.
He knew that he would not give up this battle so easily!

“CHARGE!” his voice boomed like the sound of a god.
The solders jumped from the trench and lashed forward, drawing their swords and axes they ran into the fray. Kaylos used his powerful wings to fly above the others. He drew out his right arm and his hand twisted to reveal a shotgun barrel. He shot at the oncoming flying enemy dark sethans four shots killed them easily. As he came back to earth he flung his blades at the nearest shadow sethan, slashing its neck open and sending it flying back with a blast of electricity. The fighting around him seemed to slow to a crawl when he spotted Skullus. Skullus had already slaughtered three sethan solders amidst the chaos.
In a blind rage Kaylos raced, blades extended toward Skullus. The visions of his old friend passing as he ran… his only thought was: I’m sorry… my friend.
Then his roar tore through the battlefield as he pounced on Skullus. Skullus kicked Kaylos off easily, but Kaylos still managed to stand as the death bringer charged. Mid air Skullus transformed his right arm into a sword it then slammed into Kaylos’s left arm with a loud clang. Kaylos then tried to punch Skullus in the chest but as if the dark sethan knew what he was thinking he grabbed Kaylos’s fist. Kaylos couldn’t break his grip he looked up and saw Skullus’s eyes glow a crimson red. Kaylos found that he couldn’t move at all. Skullus backed away from him and slashed Kaylos in the chest. Kaylos fell to the ground he looked at the white skull that used to be his friend.
“S-S-Soleos… w-what have you become?”

Kaylos then felt the world go dark.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Zethas: Crimson Princess


Zethas:Crimson Princess

Zethas is my own personal charcter.So whoever is reading this can look forward to a picture of her later.

She is a Demigod who after being taken over by the Chaos (I'll explain that later)turns aganst the gods and bigins ploting to kill them.

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