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FIRST OFF! I would like to say my icon thingy was NOT made by me. It is by Neostar2b of the Staw Hat Appreciation Guild on Neopets! Second! This backround was drawn by me, with all my heart poured into it! Stealing will result in Franky getting very mad at you and making you go boom! Anyway! Hello! Somehow you seem to have stumbled upon my profile. I'm glad! It's nice to know people care enough to visit. If you want, message me! I love One Piece(The Japanese version thank ya very much), and if you want to role play, I'd be glad! My favorite One Piece characters are(not in this order, but if you're wondering Franky's my new fave) Franky, Shanks, Iceburg, Usopp, Yasopp, Ben, Zoro, Carugara, Mihawk, Kaya, Bellmeir, Ace, and many others! Some pairings I like include FrankyxIceburg, UsoppxKaya, ShanksxMakino, ShanksxBen(yes I like yaoi), ShanksxBuggy, LuffyxZoro, and some others. Some pairings I do not like are LuffyxNami and ZoroxNami. Anyway, message me if you wanna role play or ya just wanna talk!