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Omg!!! I am now OBSESSED with my Itachi-kun!! MINE!!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I have my own Message board. Almost all naruto!! There is nfanart, fanfics, polls and other things like that!!! If you get the chance go there and check it out!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Heyo!! I have like three quizilla pages! If you want to check them out! I'll hane ya the links!!

My oldest account (finished with it)
My old account (still working on it)
My most recent account (still workinf on this one also)

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Monday, January 30, 2006

I would transfer to Tagworld... but I dont wanna xD

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Featured Quiz Result:
Awww!!! I'm Presea! that's so cool! Lol! I was hoping to get Lloyd or something but presea is cool too! ^^
you are Presea! the cute little girl who was a
cruxus crystal victom! gasp.

who from Tales of Symphonia are you??
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To be honest I don't know what this quiz was about but I took it and sure enough I got this result! Yay! Wish it were hiei tho.
KURAMA>>>>>>>>>.you got the fox demon..he is sweet
hearted always will be there for you love and
cares for you

what yu yu hakusho would be yours
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There is no piccy corry.. but I did find out I was Yami Marik O_O;;
Yami M - You're crazy. You want Yami, and everyone
else in the world, dead. Only so you can have
the word for yourself. You're not a true yami
like Yami and Yami Bakura are, but you're
still a powerful person. You were created out
of Malik's fear and anger, so naturally,
you're wacked. You've manipulated a lot of
people, and your one weakness is that you
can't take control of Malik when Rishid is in
the room with you. You defeated Yami B in a
Shadow Game, but he came back again. Yami
defated you in a duel at the end of Battle
City, but who knows if you'll stay gone.
You're clever, yet very crazy.

Which silly Yugioh enemy are you? (Yugioh)
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