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konichiwa... ok fine i admit im not that good with intros as you can see. but anyway...im zabuza sama26, im 14 years old, im just simply in love with anime and im glad i found this site.
i hope u wont mind passing by my guestbook, 'cause its made for u...guests *smirk*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ok fine u want know y i was hinting at the fact that the 14th of jan. was coming... i became 15 that day a.k.a my birthday...>.<

thank u sooooooooo much anit4e for remembering and sending me a pm
i seriously appreciate it XD

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Yay!....then again...
yay! finally our school's 6th annual book fair started today^^ we went to it in the first session i.e. we missed english ^^, anyway so we went, and since it was held in ur multi purpose hall (i.e. a place we didnt see yet) we were so amazed; the place was HUGE! we were soo happy, and since they were alot of books, we were even happier ^^ so we went and looked, i bought a book called "The Dream Merchant" and then we went to a cookbook corner, where, to my surprise, most of my friends baought books! so we decided to share the books, i bought an italian cookbook (my favorite is italian) my friend bought a thai cookbook, and low-cholesterol one, haha^^. u probably think she bought it for her parents, but she bought it for herself (she just luvs shrimps her cholesterol is high ^^). my other friend bought 3!!! balti (a type of indian food to do with curry and she just luvs curry) indian and mexican (she's in luv with tacos ^^) and my other friend bought japanese XD (yeah people were buying fiction, we were buying cookbooks XD)
and add to that our book orders came XD im so happy ^^ (our school gets us book catalouges from the uk and we order and the deliver them here ^^) so yeah since i was in student council we had to sort out the books first and find them according to the orders :P but what really made me angry, was that when we were in the library sorting out the orders, some 8th graders came in and the librarian wasnt there, we had previous permission, but they didnt, and they were using the computers for an assignment they didnt hand in, and i had to waste my night doing it! (yes i know how can a 10th grader have the same assignment as an 8th grader?!) well it has to do with this knowledge fair in our school and each of us has a project to do, and the abstract for our projects were due today. i won first place last year, but my partner (i.e. best friend) wasnt there, she was at the hospital, so instead of being happy, i spent the day crying instead, so im planning to be the first this year with her there. anyways, where was i, oh yeah! so they werent supposed to be there and me being in the student council; head of the swat team "school police" i had the responsibility to get them out, but instead of showing me respect and leaving like i showed them by asking them politely... THEY IGNORED ME! i cant believe them! so yeah the president was there with me and she told me that i had the right to put them in trouble and thats what i said i was gonna do, their names are gonna go to the director tomorrow, but if i didnt make that decision fast enough, my friend, was going to fire a very scary speech on to them with flying shoes to follow (shes the "u did WHAT to my friend" type, the hard headed one basically) so yeah apparently i saved them from something faaaar worse XD

anyway gtg have inner but before i go i wanna say this, HELL GIRL IS AWESOME, TOUCHING, AND BEAUTIFUL BEHIND A DARK COVER. i love that anime ** but thats another post ^^
p.s. today is the 13th of jan. tomorrow is the 14th, does it click anything to anyone...?

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

ok this is just a quick post, if anybody was trying to pm me and couldnt because... well i dont know what, then i just deleted some of my old messages so try again.
Sry for taking so long to notice "-_-

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   new wallpaper
long time no see XD! i dont add posts, i know....sowee^^
i decided to change my touch on wallpapers a bit... so i made this new wallpaper of inoue orihime, not the one about innocence, the one about colors.(you'll get it when you see it) apparently the whole thing was just an experiment, but i really love the way it turned out XD. i used brushes i never knew i had, haha! and i put some brushes that had nothing to do with each other, like cobwebs and hearts, hehe. i also decided "why dont i put more than one picture in there like most of my wallpapers?" if u realized, most of my wallpapers are single pngs, texture, blending changes and brushes, completely basic style... so i decided to do what u guys do, i dont know what u do, but u make look good XD like zakuro-sempai, and dicer, and driffter, and innocent heart, i mean u're wallpapers are great, i dont know how u do it, but i tried to make look like u're kind of wallpapers, i dont know if i succeded though :P

i started to play this online game too, called gunbound, and it seriously binds itself to u! its soo addictive i cant stop XD and its cute^^. i mean most of these games are boring, and this one is SUPPOSED to be a shooting game, but your chibi! and u fight on chibi mobiles ^^ i mean your either a chibi little girl, or a chibi little boy, and u play on these mobiles that are sometimes... a mammoth! imagine it, your chibi, your sitting ontop of a mammoth shooting snowballs at people XD its funny and its fun^^

i also cant wait for february the tenth, since super smash bros. brawl is coming out for nintendo wii^^ i dont know if u heard of it before, but if u played smash and smash melee before then u're probably waiting for it too XD and it's nice, i checked their website yesterday, and, i dont know if u heard of legend of zelda: the ocarina of time, but if u do, there's great news^^. the game consists of various melodies, beautiful ones, and in smash brawl, they combine all of them, in one, played with different instruments XD. i listened to part of it on their website, i couldnt stop haha, and im like "WHAT AM I DOING, I SHOULDNT BE DOING THIS, IM MUSLIM!" that's how addictive it is XD, but thank god i stopped^^

what else happened in my life??? oh yeah! we're vacation for now :D or we used to be, next week im starting school again, yay for me ><.

i've been cleaning my desk lately, and apparently it was full! things from all around the house were found haha :P. and i found a lot of my stuff too XD. the good thing is, i found a lot of CDs, yeah they looked in a very bad state, but when i cleaned them i checked what was inside, and guess what i found, my long lost naruto episodes! i had to delete them 2 years ago because they were on the family computer and they took alot of space, and i didnt have my own laptop yet, so they were gone *poof* and now i found them yay^^. right i didnt find all of them, but i found most, and the good thing i found my favorite episode too, episode 19 "zabuza disperses in to the snow" i cried so much when i watched it, i watched 7 times in a row and i still cried like it was my first time watching it, and thanks to that episode i cant change him for being my best character despite all the anime i've watched until now^^. and i found the whole zabuza/haku arc and the second best arc for me, the sasuke past/leaving arc, that was one of the coolest/saddest parts in naruto. and i found my favorite filler arc as well, the raiga/ranmaru arc, so im grateful to my mom for pushing me to clean my desk, haha:P

anyway i have to do some translating for student council now so yeah see ya next time ^^

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