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Hey there!!! The name is Yuuko Ichihara! =3 But call me Yuuko! I like it that way, so you don't have to call me Yuuko Ichihara all the time! Lmao Okay Here some things about me. I sometimes act child-ish. Meaning I would laugh about something I just did a while ago. I sometimes can be a little perverted, but I'm not a creep. So if I make a joke that sounds perverted and if you took it seriously, then go FUCK YOURSELF. 8)
I love music....I'm just not into the kind that I would hear them yell and scream non-sense. Sorry for those who like them, its just ME.
My favorite singer/band are Rurutia, Koda Kumi, Jay Chou, Aron Kawk, Ivy, 183 Club, 7 Flowers, Big Bang, Amano Tsuki, Mamiko Noto, Shikao Suga, Katou Idzumi, Fall Out Boys, My Chemical Romance and many more then you even know! x] I also <3 Games, so I'm a gamer freak!
Well I guess that'll be all I say, because I don't really know what else to SAY.

Monday, April 28, 2008


.:YuUkO IcHiHaRa:.

Today was okay....Its Monday, what do you expect? lol I hate mondays...>_>...Mondays aren't really my days. But today, i seem to be in good feelings. I even putted make up on in 2 weeks, xD LMAO Well that'll be all today. :P Not much to say, but I had a sub on my 3rd + 4th period! His name was Mr.Wooard. He was kewl! Hes a coach, a.k.a Coach Granpa! LMAO ^_^ For a sub, he was the coolest one. :P

~YuUkO IcHiHaRa~

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