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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mistake's, mess ups, and rude awakening.

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Hello welcome to my SITE! The layout for this site was created By 311. It is not my own.

But the friends, blog, and introduction is my own thoughts.

Now i little about me!

I love to say Pie! My favorite phrase is "Hiyaz" or "see yaz"


E mail me at any time! My Email is Yokokisama@hotmail.com

today I switched from dish to cable! so it was pretty busy around here.

First: I wake up to the sound of mom talking. And then her and the cable man walks into MY ROOM! witch at that momnet i was still in bed and drosy so i pretty much had my hair sticking up at all ends and was only wearing a big T shirt...you can understand how embarasing that is.

second: We had absolutly no food in the house that wasn't stale so me and my sister both went shopping for donuts. and we had to walk...and i was still half asleep. And my feet still hurt.

And last but not least! They mixed up heathers and my room. So heather(who doesn't watch TV) Got the cable box were as mine is hooked up to hers! and now in order to change the channel i have to direct the remote through the second gap in my ventalation system! lol

BUT i'm happy! I got a fast computer now and I got my music channals back!!^^ (along with 3 extra VH1's and 2 extra MTVs channels.XP)

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