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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey guys... I never actually formally left yet. I've dedicated sooooo many years and hours on myo...
I have a feeling that I shouldn't leave you with the bummed out version of my layouts compared to my former ones. Anyway it's spring break and i happen to be sick -_- (life sucks) thus, i will try my best and make up a good but probably not great layout. I am astonished by those myo fans that are continuing their blogging *cough* alphonse13...
I apologize to all who I am now *formally* leaving and I thank all for encouraging me throughout my middle school and part of my high school years (currently in 11th grade woohoo).
I should probably give you some reasons for leaving ok i shall start now:
school work=overwhelming for blogging
~joined too many time consuming school clubs ~(sadly no anime club, someone should make one)
~myo took off the ranking system, that was competition for me, I would check to see how my rank was everyday and try and boost it up... can't no more.
~myo took off too off a whole section of the sidebar, i can't even remember what it was.
~i can't change my avatar -_-;; which was only for christmas >.<
~most of my past friends already left
~it doesn't hold the same specialness as before

yep those are all the reasons I can think of... it's mostly cause myo lost most of it's touch.
if you ever feel like talking well i have other places.... i would say myspace but i don't go on that much... and i don't really want to give out my facebook, that i do check out... well
there's an awesome site called "crunchyroll.com" you can watch anime and read manga for free, so you can check it out. my username is angieanime (like always) so feel free to chat :D

I think that about enough, thankyou all for everything and I shall sign out FOREVER...ok i might check up just to see but i probably won't talk to anyone. :P ARIGATO and GANBATTE!<

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i come back and yet another thing is gone...
the blue bar on the left used to be filled with alot of stuff...
well just a note to whoever and myself probably:
Natsu no Sora ruins the cartoon part of anime, if your gonna have scenery, don't make it look like an artist drew it cause the characters look really out of place >.< like a picture and someone puts an anime cutout on top -_-;;

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

holy crap O.o it's been like forever and ever and ever :( well i see no one really gets on now a days anyway TT.TT well i changed the layout, cause that's all i really do when i get on anyway. so how are you guys, if anyone comments? how's your summer holding up. well mine is basically going to church, volunteering 2 days at the hospital, monday and wednesday, which can get boring but o well at least they feed us dinner :P and i get volunteer hours. reading books here and there, catching up on my manga and anime, which if you have any suggestions, cause i want to find something good, that's already out and i can watch without having to wait ^.^ i found some good ones, check out nabari no ou, if you have the time, i think it's better than naruto in some points :D oooo and if anybody knows the manga skip beat, here's some new!!! they are making an anime out of it which will be released during fall, if you haven't heard of it, then it's a must, check it out ^.^
ok well that's about it from me, how's all of your lives anything interesting happening?

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

life sucks... school sucks... ya... i'm bored basically... i couldn't find a Skip beat background so that's depressing... and the avatar thing is missing...
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