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Friday, October 21, 2005

   hiya everybody!!!it's the weekend!!!yay!!!
right now i'm looking 4 a inuyasa video 2 put on my siye^^...there are soooooooo many 2 choose 4rm it's hard 2 decide!!!well since it's the weekend(yay!!!)i'll try 2 go 2 everybodys sites today!!! ^-^...and if i don't go 2 ur site soon plz pm and tell me^-^...well cya ppl around...bye...^^

Q:what's ur fav movie???


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Thursday, October 20, 2005

hiya everybodody!!!^^
well most of u gyes picked inuyasha 4 the video 4 me 2 put on my site^^...i should be able 2 be it on my site by friday...well thanks all 4 now...^-^

Q:if u could be any anime character who would it be???


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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

hiya agin!!!
ok...i'm home 4rm school now!!!whooo hoo only 2 more days of school left!!!

2 day at my school was super hero and villan day...(i think i wrote that on the other post...o well) well there was a boy who was dress up like inuyash!!!it was really cool!!!

ok it's down 2 these videos...
B:Final fantasy x-2
C:the new KH game preview
D:final fantasy the advent children
(if u don't know what i'm talking about on here...i'm trying 2 get people 2 vote 4 which video i should put on my site^^)

cya ppl around^^

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hiya everybody!!!
it's wensday...welli have 2 go 2 school...today at my school is super heros and villans day!!!i wonder what people are going 2 dress up as???

i'll write back after school...b/c i have 2 catch the bus right now!!!bye...

Q:what's ur fav sport???that u play or watch???
~my fav is soccer!!!^-^


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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hiya everyone!!!
well tuesdays over and only 3 more days left of school^-^!!!whooo hooo!!!

i'm going 2 put a music video on my site so i need you ppl 2 vote on which one i should put on my site b/c i couldn't decide^-^...

Q:should i do the video of...
A:the new KH game preview
B:an naruto video
C:an inuyasha video
D:a final fantasy X-2 video
E:or FF 7 the advent children

thanks u gyes 4 voting!!!^^

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Monday, October 17, 2005

it's monday...^^
hiya everyone!!!i'm feeling much better today^^...but that mant i had 2 go 2 school-_-...

well it's sprit week this week...people were dressed really funny today!!!^-^...

the last q i posted was "what was ur 1st anime you've ever seen"...it was funny b/c most of u gyes said DBZ...the first one i saw was sailor moon^^...well thats all 4 now...i'll try 2 visit all of my friends sites today^-^...cya around...

Q:would u rather be wizard/witch or a person that fights w/ weaponds???...(don't ask me why i'm asking such a random ?...it just popped into my head 4 some reason^^)

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

hiya everyone 1!!!
i'm doing a little better today!!!sorry if i can't go to all my friends sites today b/c i'm really tierd(and sick)...so what r u gyes planing 2 do this weekend???b/c stuck at home can u tell me what ur doing b/c i'm so bord!!!^^...cya around...

Q:what was thw 1st anime you ever read/saw on tv???

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Friday, October 14, 2005

hiya everyone!!!
i stayed haome 4rm school today...i fell horable again today...well thanks 4 the encourgement yesterday it helped...cya around...

Q:what's the worst anime you've ever seen???like one that had a bad story line or something???

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

i didn't go to school today, b/c i was sick...i'll try to resond to all of my PM but i might not get to...

Q:what's the best anime show you've seen?

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

schools over 4 the day!!!and tomarro i have a half day!!!yay!!!

Q:Who's ur gyes fav animal...

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