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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

hiya buddies!!!`
i've been banned 4rm the computer b/c they said i was on 2 much-_-...i can't say on long...i'll go on the computer at school...k...cya ppl around...


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Saturday, November 5, 2005

ijust wanted 2 put a quick post on here...my dad comes home today so i won't get 2 be on today very much!!!cyarounnd...bye


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Friday, November 4, 2005

i don't know if anybody is up...but can u tell me now if u can see my background...a lot of u said u couldn't see it...good nite!!!


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thanks 4 the suggestions 4 my site...this month i chose 2 do naruto...next month will be KH^^...and then FF(i'm not sure which one yet)...i haven't decided what after that but i have a few months 2 decide^^

my video is really cute if u watch it...every week i'll put a new video up^^

hope u like my new bg and stuff...the quizzes r really cute too...

and if anyone is on yahoo im tonight or going 2 be comment...

p.s.~hey "Kiralover" look who my naruto dream gye is...yea thats right sasuke^^...

Q:if u were trapped on a desert(sp...u know...a sand island in the middle of no where)what would u bring with u???

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

thanks 4 all ur comments!!!so i guess u gyes r telling me to get a photobucket account^^...i'll try 2 get on today^^

only one more day till the weekend!!!yay!!!^^

Q:if someone took over the world what u do???&
Q2:what new theme should i do???


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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

how was ur day???mine was boring...i almost fell asleep in my spanish class^^...

if anyone know how 2 put pictures on ur post plz plz tell me i want 2 shoe 2 ppl a cute pic but i can't get it up...

well i'm going 2 go visit ppls sites who updated the...cyaround...


Q:What is ur fav holiday???

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN!!!^^...so whats up with everybody???i'm soooo bord i'm waiting 4 my bus 2 come-_-to bring me to school-_-...

i got 60 ppl that signed my gb so far!!!yay!!!thanks 4 everyone who signed it^^...have a good day...


Q:Would u rather have a cat or a dog???

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Monday, October 31, 2005

hiya...again^^...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
my day was fine-_-...well it was really funny this moring i woke up at like 5 in the moring...and i could not fall back 2 sleep...but a few min later i was asleep^^...and i wok up again at 5:35 the time i was supposed 2 wake up it was cool...like i set my alarm but since i just had 2 change the hour back i set the pm and am wrong...but good thing i woke up^^...

my dad is comming home this saterday!!!yay!!!and 4 u ppl who don't know my dad has been away 4 6 months!!!

in spanish class i had a test...and half way though it i was day dreaming and i didn't even realize it^^...i finished the test though...cya ppl around!!!and again!!!have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!^^

Q:if ur going trick or treating what r u going 2 be???i'm not goin gthis year-_-...i'll just get candy 4rm my sister^^...i'm going 2 pass out candy...but in my neiborhood(i don't think i spelled that right^^)there arn't many people who can so that means more 4 me yay!!!^-^

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hiya everybody!!!
sorry i have not been on in a while...i was really busy yesterday...i got 2 go catch the bus...i'll post when i get home...bye...


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Saturday, October 29, 2005

hiya!!!It's saterday yea!!!
2 get a yahoo im u do the following if u want on...
1.go 2 www.yahoo.com
2.click on the icon that says messanger in the right hand corner
3.click get it now(it's in a gray box)
4.then u just fill out ur info...and ur done^^

If anyone get a im after this plz comment it or pm it 2 me thanks...

i just got home 4rm my sisters soccer game...they got creamed!!!it was like 10 to 0-_-...

have a good rest of the week...

Q:How did u find out about myo???

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