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Monday, April 3, 2006


Okay this is my last post till i get back from teaxs.

We are leaveing out wensday night.

I will be doing alot of work tuesday so i will not be posting tommorow.

The new theam will be Yu Yu Hakusho when i get back from teaxs.

I got a miyavi and Dir En Grey cd to take with me on the trip so i will not be to bored out of my mind.

Well thats it see you all when i return home next monday

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Okay this wensday me and my mom are leaveing out to teaxs and will be gone for a bit so i do not know when i will be back on so maybe tuesday i will go by every ones site and comment on there post if they update can not Gaurte i will make it by cause i will be busy getting my stuffed packed up and ready for the big trip to teaxes and we will be back some time monday not sure when thow but hopefully i can get on a computer there and post while i stay down there witch i hope i can cause i realy would like to get on a computer down there and keep yea all updated on how it is going down there but i may not be able to. As of yeasterday i was able to get a new BF and it turns out that we are the same age but it only older then me by a few mounths cause the frist of next mounth is his b-day he will be 18 and in july i will be the same age so it all works out good even thow he is older then me by a few mounths but we live so far away and that does not bother each of use casue we will always love each other.

well that is not to leve yea with a few anime pics as to witch should be my new them

first is D N Angel

Image hosting by Photobucket

Second yu yu hakusho

Image hosting by Photobucket

thrid Fruits Basket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do not exspect for me to come by any ones site on april 6th cause i will not be here i will be off to teaxs with my mom for 5 days so with in that time i will be gone i will be on the computer down there so i know i will not be comein on to vist peoples site for the time i am down there this is my way of getting away from my dad brother and sis for a bit so maybe by the time i return i will be in a much better mood then what i have been this past few mounths casue every thing has been going wrong for me lateley. Plus i need to also get away from my x boy friend who i dumped for saying "you need to lose weight" that pissed me off to no end when he said that to me that day i still never will forgive him for that. Just about every bf i have had has done that to me and i do not stand for it i mean even now my X is wanting to get back with me and i am not going to let him cause he is the one that fucked up in the first place by saying that to me and that is all there is to it. Also I am getting me a miyavi cd that should be here any time now or maybe this weekend i can not waite for it to get here cause them that gives me two jpanes cds i can take with me to taxe and listen to when i am bored. well guess that is about it this weekend i will be changeing my theam and just of my aksing i was woundering if you guess would tell me what you would like best for me to do.

1. A new Jrock band them
2. a anime them (any will do)
or 3. Should i do one for a friend (HaretsMind)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

okay first off i want to spolagize to every that has updated for not being to your sites when you up date every day. Second i want you all to know i have not forgoten about myO and all of you that are here on my friends list. Third I have been makeing work happen on my msn group i run so it does not get delted so my apolgies for not being by but i will make this promise to all of you when i return from teaxes i will be sure to start to go by your sites when you update that is a promise not not a promse but you hasve my word and that i swera i will do it

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The boy woke up, just 14 years old.

He brushed his teeth just like he'd been told.

He rushed to the door & grabbed his books.

around & around he then looks.

From the second he reaches the bus the names start to be called.

They made fun of his clothes & the book-bag he hauled.

The boy never really fit in school.

Being smart just didn't make you cool

I remember one day i saw him drenched in mustard.

kids were throwing pizza & school custard.

Then one poured milk over his head.

he walked to the office wishing to be dead.

& the girl he liked had no heart at all.

He gave her a flower & told her to call.

she took the flower & through it in the trash can.

& told him she'd never date such an ugly man.

so that night he said good night to his mother.

kissed his dad & tucked in his little brother.

He put on his shoes & walked through the night.

until his middle school crept into sight.

as he grabbed onto the rope he said his goodbye.

for then he decided he wanted to die.

so he took a step & down he fell.

he hung there right in front of his own hell.

Jon Gettle hung himself in front of his middle school in Illinois at midnight. He left a note. it stated: "Bullying is a problem"

re-post this if you have a heart. <3

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Alright this is enough for once cant i keep a steady gb number insted of it going up and down like it is i am sorry i do not come on as much i am getting ready for this trip to Teaxes with my mom and then or course i have to share this computer with two other people witch have happen to be my younger bro and sis. Plus in 5 more mounths i will be 18 and will have a job so then i will defentley not be on much once that day comes with me cause when your the second olderest of 3 siblings then yea have not damn choice for that is the way every thing is around my house plus i was at a friend house for the weekend. well thats all here are a few pics.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Die in High school ( note for all dir en grey fans)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

busy busy busy!!! sorry i realy have not been on i have been haveing to much fun planneing my trip with my mom to Teaxes im so excited about it cause i may get to see two of my friend that live there lol yea i am hyper also
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

okay can every one plz head over and sign WolfGirl31795's Gb that will be the account i will be useing i will give every one time ti get over there before i deatle this account i duno not care how long i takes yea just take your time when yea get the chance is all i ask
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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Alright i hate to do this to you all but i am going to be makeing a new account and will need all of you to trasnfer over to it once i get it up this code i real got this account i have now messed up so bad i can not get it off with out totlaey messing this up and loseing every thing i have worked so hard on to keep here so plz go to the new site once i get it up
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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Can any body who knows how to deal with the code to hold the barkround still,. I want to take it off casue this danm code is fucking my site up with my backround and i am not wanting to start all over with it at all i just want tit back to the way it was whne i first came here with out a code to hold the backround still.

I mean i come in here when i can and my backround is not showing up and it is all do to that code that a friend gave me. If she is reading this i am not made at you im just tired of my backround not showing up is all. well if any one knows how to do it plz pm and let me know how to do it so i do not lose every thing

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