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Friday, May 26, 2006

Dir En Grey- [KR] Cube

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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A pic of me i am the one in the shirt that has the Shirkien on it. Then Next to me is my friend Jonathan. Then by him is one of there friends ii just met her name is Sharlea(not use to spelling her name) and then last but not lest it is my evil lil sister Nikkita aka Nikki

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Friday, May 19, 2006

   Will not be on for a bit
Sorry to say i will not be on for a bit the computer is down once again.


So i willgetto every ones site as soon as the computer is back and online.

ps i am on my mom laptop right now



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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

been awhile since i posted
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yea i know it has been a bit since i have been on here and posted well, this is my bro and sis last week of school so the will be getting out soon for summer vication so when that happens who know when it may be i will be able to get online i do what i need to do. Plus it does not help when my bro has two computer games on here so who know how long he will be playing them for cause even if we do have a time limit he will not follow it. Also i am not realy happy with my lil sis saveing all this stupid yaoi pics to this computer and she has been told meay time by my mom and dad not to save pics but she does not listen at all she still saved them any way casue she is one hard head lil girl who thinks she can do any thing she wants to do. Hopefully my mom has something planded to keep them busy from being on this computer so much. I am finel getting me another Dir En Grey cd that has one of my fav songs on it and that song is cage. Well thats about it i will post one more pic and be off to work on my msn group i have a lot to do onn there.


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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tribute to Hide

Wanted to do this yeasterday but could not find this vidoe until now

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

In memorey of Hide

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hide (real name Matsumoto Hideto) the former
member of the highly popular X-Japan was found in his home dead on May 2nd 1998. Hide had committed suicide that day after being drunk and placed in his room by the woman he lived with. She came in later to find him hanging from his bathroom door by a towel. He was in a sitting position somewhat suspended by the doorknob. hide was confirmed dead a little before 9:00 AM on the 2nd. At the time he was found in his room he was still barely clinging to life but he let go as they brought him into the hospital. Thousands of heart-broken fans gathered outside his house and the house of his parents to mourn for the great guitarist's death.

I could go on about the millions of tearstained fans that attended his many funerals and literally blocked up downtown Tokyo in doing so - but all I would like to conclude this with is that even though hide is gone he is sill very much alive. His music is legendary to me and I will always listen to it. hide was - and still is - my guitarist idol. I only hope that now he is in a better place and that some of the pain still lingering here sill slowly fade away. I love you hide.


A rose for hide
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Yeasterday me adn my firend were at her house watching this move called Unite 93 i was about the hijacking that happen on septerber 11th it was one of the most sadies movies ever. Over 41 pepole were on that flight and whjen they tryed to regane controle they could not. But they keep that plan from reaciting is deteinot on the capitel or the pentagon in coast of loseing there own lives.
My new theam as you can see if you know the movie you know that this is Ron from the 4th movie. Yes i also watched that one with my friend to it was so cool just hate the fact that they did not show all the dragons that the others had to fight. They only shoed the harry potter had to fight and that was just mean of them to do that me and my friend were made at that and so was my lil sis cause she was the first to see it with are friend .
Okay i came home yeasterday and the first thing i had to do was cook up some eggs for my mom and bro cause they seem to like the way i cook them for some odd reson but i do not mind cooking it is kind of fun. only two more mounths now till my b-day if i am thinking right.
My lil sis was also gone all weekend to her friends shanna's house so that was peace and quite friday right there.
well thats about it i guess i will catch yea all later.

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the actors adn actress that played the three friends.

left Rupert Grint(Ron Wesley)middles Emma Watson(Herminey Granger) and last but not least Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter)

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

iF y0u gEt iT bACK iT mEAnS tHEy L0vE aND cARe f0r y0u aS y0u L0vE aND cARe f0r tHeM

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   Join Wolfs Rain freaks    

 MSN Groups

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

now this is my last post for a bit. we are leavein out tonight at 10pm.

well at least i will not have to deal with my siblings ans my so called friend online named Ashely.Now i can get away from her for a bit thank good she is so annoing to me cause its like every time i turn around she is agervatein when i am online i can not get any thinng done

well that it for now i will see you all Monday april 10th

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