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Riku: What a suprize you have not been on in centures
Me: Thats cuz I couldnt find the site I lost it and couldnt spellbut Im back and will be on more^_^.
Riku: Man though isent life tough right now.
Me:yes yes for me it is I am an anime fan thats been premited and striped of all her anime rights.....Exsept the amiture animes like Yugioh,Digimon and Pokemon...I miss my Naruto alot SASUKE I MISSSS YOU.....<**>
Riku: Hay you still have me.
Me:yes Riku I do and Ilove the ation I get from you but it's not the same with out the rest its just not
sora: I take that ofesively
Riku: Me too
Me:I dont meen it like that boys Ilove you but I do have to go and do bio hw some oned kill me.
Riku: Sora you have the Keyblade that can bee your job
Sora:Hay that used for good and You have the way to dawn so you could do it to.
Riku:Yeah I know but I dont want to
Me:Enough boys I was joking Bye

So as been filled in by Riku and I,Im curntly anime grounded but never fear my friends they ant getting rid of me that easily Bye.