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Oi, welcome to my realm where chaos and insanity rule supreme!
Riku: *sigh* There she goes again.
>> What's that supposed to mean?
Riku: Eh..nothing! Nothing! ^^;
hmmm >> I've got my eye on you Wiku.
Sora: Wow! Just don't watch him in the shower cause I..*thinking* um...what do I do? Oh! Don't do that cause that's my job!
Riku: You thought that up all by yourself Sora? Wow! Maybe you have a brain afterall!
*whacks Riku over back of head* Shut up Wiku >> don't be mean.
Riku: *grunts and rubs back of head* I'm nothin' compared to you Insane-Lady.
Teen. I'm a freaking teen.
Sora: uh...o.o you two make a good couple?
Riku:.....*blinks* You're an idiot Sora.

Yue Yume may explode without warning


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Monday, November 7, 2005

Found something interesting
I found an old poem of mine today, quite interesting. It looks unfinished though but here it is.

Thoughts of self destruction
Heart continually broken.
Ending of love's dedication
Sickening like mutilation.
Bodyless head rolls around
Eyes wide as it faces the ground,
High pitched screaming
Endless fear
Death, I know, has come to me here.
Sticking silver, twisting flesh
Abomination to all happiness
Raped by knowledge, conducted by fear
I beg of you, don't leave me here.
Deadly silence is much to loud
Ear drums throb as I hit the ground
Hate everyone including myself
Pain and desolation is all I have left
So end me now, smite me God
Or prove to this world that I'm all wrong.

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Monday, October 24, 2005


Your Hidden Power Is Dark

You have a Evil and Demonic Soul. You use your
hidden powers for the evil of hell. You are in
constent war with the heavans for you want to
destroy the pathetic humans were they want to
save them. For all people see in you is that
any emotion expecially love is a waste of your
time but your so mysterious that people don't
know you do have a shy emotions that are kept
locked within you.

Gem Stone:Black Pearl, Eye
Black,Hair Color:Black with
Grey Streaks that is down to your waist pulled
in a braid

Quote:You said you read me like a book
but the pages are all torn and frayed

What Is Your True Hidden Power? .::Beautiful Anime Pics::.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Your angel cries due to Lonliness. no one really
understands you and you dont feel you connet to
people on the same level that other people
connect to each. you are the most misunderstood
of all people.you probly dont have many friends
if any at all. this is not a horrible thing.
the most independent of all, your angel morns
for others who cannot understand you. Like your
element: water you are deep and beautiful, but
most of you lies beneath the surface.
Your element:water

Why Does Your Angel Cry.....(beautiful pics)
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

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hahahahahhahahaha that's so wrong

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What Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You?

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  Hello, Hell's Gates how may I take your soul?
Riku: Wtf....
Sora: o.o Soul..? *eeps and hides behind Riku*
Hello? How may I take your soul?
Efer: How about I take your soul.
Oh? So that's how is going to be huh? Going against your creator is a sin!!!
Efer: I'm the fucking daughter of Lucifer, does it look like I give a shit?
Riku: I like her!!
Sora: *peers out from behind Riku and cowers still* Wiku pwotect me...
Efer and I: ...pathetic
Riku: -.- Why me?
Efer: ...
Sora: ...
Riku: ...
Efer, Riku, Sora: ...o.O...O.o...

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