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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   400 hits,art , new collection!
I got new art up to thank everybody for 400+ votes! When my art turns up you can read my heart felt thanks ;-;.

oh god, on tuesday I forgot my keys at school that had my flash drive attached to it! I had to wait till this moring to see if they them and they did! I was so happy! My flash drive has everything on it! My art, saved pictures, comic stuff, everything! That flash drive is my baby! (kisses keys) I will never forget you guys again!( hugs keys till it splits her stomach) XD.

Okay as for the mew news since I'm like hell bent on lolita outfits and stuffs I decided to draw all my sweet collection mews (mew torte, hot cinna,eclaire, blue berry licorice, jellyfish mew) in lolita outfits! This will get me good pratice in small details and dresses and stuff! And its just damn fun! Yay for ruffles and cute shit! XD

I also have a X-max mew in the works. I'll see if I can get her up here before I leave to my friends house tommorrow.


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