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Welcome to my site! I'm interested in many a thing, I have a "healthy obsession" with anime and shounen ai ^.^ I'm a perfectly friendly person, I love making new friends so don't hesitate to add me ^_^ If you respect me, I respect you back so that's basically it! Check out my fan art please! *puppy eyes*

If you're interested in seeing more art from me, check out my deviant art site.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   First post of the new year
Well it is the new year of 2008... I always find that to be crazy every year @_@ hmm I'm not sure if I should continue updating this site or not, I have my deviant art account that I update a lot more frequently but I still like this site too... so I'll probably update every so often with lots of stuff and then be all quiet for a few months ahaha if anyone is interested though I do post almost regularly on devART so I'm pretty sure my link is around here somewhere... if it isn't I'll edit this and leave it here. Until whenever X3
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

   Oh my gosh, has it been a while or hasn't it?!
Well crap! I really didn't realize it's been OVER A YEAR since I last updated here! lol I really do suck ^^; lately I've had even less time to draw but since it's been over a year, I drew then so I'm going to submit some older drawings *nod* If anyone really liked my art and was looking forward to stuff I'm sorry I've been away, I am much more active on deviant art, I think my link is somewhere on the site page. But I'll submit these drawings and maybe soon I'll be able to draw some more.
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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I give up
lol I fail at updating this site, gomen! I just really haven't been updating ANY of my sites actually so it's not just this one. I've been like really lazy drawing wise and updating sites wise and now I'm in school so I honestly have NO idea when I will update. Hopefully soon but I'm not going to say it for sure XP Might be another few months actually XD

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

   Aww crap I gone done it again
BAH! >_< I forget to update this site so badly T_T So sorry! I'll add some new stuff today :3 If I have time... anime boston was great! I'll put up a few cosplay pics :D I also got a job! So less actual drawings, I'm able to doodle at work but nothing too productive -_- you know since I have to actually work XP So I shall see what I can do, ja ne! <3
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   ONWARD! To AnimeBoston 06!
Greetings! Just thought some of you might like to know I'm going to Anime Boston 06 XD It starts tomorrow and I'll be there 'till Sunday ^.^ I'm cosplaying as Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket! So once those pictures are developed I'll submit them to the cosplay section on here >X3 Also I kinda "cosplayed" as Akabane from GetBackers, I added that to my cosplay thingie but the pic I had was too big so I'll have to re-size it when I'm not being lazy ;p So don't panic if you see it says it was "removed" or anything. Well that's all for now, ja!
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