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Sunday, October 16, 2005

School on Monday started quite normally. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Well, except for the way Watari was sneaking along the corridors in his best ninja impression. He pinned something up on the notice board, then crept away in the opposite direction.

Later that day, there was a crowd around said notice board. Hisoka noticed it first, as he was looking for anything to distract Tsuzuki who was following him around like an obedient puppy. They wandered over, and several of the boys turned and grinned at Tsuzuki.

“Hey, Tsuzuki-kun! I didn’t know you liked boys!”

“So you got a thing for Tatsumi-kun, huh?”

“Were you and Muraki-kun dating or something?”

“Yeah, coz he looks really jealous in these photos!”

“Photos?” Hisoka blinked. Tsuzuki was flapping his arms around in a flurry at all the questions. Hisoka pushed through the crowd to look at the notice board. Then he stopped dead.

“Oh god…Tatsumi-kun is going to have a fit if he sees this,” he said softly. Pinned up on the notice board were a wide range of photos that Watari had taken at the slumber party. Most of them made it look like Tsuzuki was doing…things to Tatsumi.

“I so better take these down before Tatsumi-kun sees them,” Hisoka said, reaching up to do so.

“Take what down before Tatsumi-kun sees them?”

Hisoka froze. Tatsumi stood just behind him, and looked at the notice board. Hisoka sweatdropped and immediately started moving away. He didn’t want to be in the vicinity anymore.

Sure enough, all hell broke loose.

“I’m going to kill him!” Tatsumi screeched, then proceeded to break anything and anyone within reach. In the science lab, Watari felt a very cold shiver go down his spine. Must be the airconditioning, he thought.

Elsewhere in the school, Muraki was going through his bag. It seemed to him he’d forgotten one of his books.

“Where is it?” He growled as he ruffled through things. Suddenly, he caught a flash of something pink. He moved some books aside, and then screamed, dropped his bag, and scuttled away.

Kumagoro didn’t do anything. But he was just a pink stuffed rabbit – so what could he do?

~The End~

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