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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 01/05/06:

Result Posted on 10/23/05:

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What Get Backers Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 10/23/05:

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Result Posted on 10/22/05:

You are Akabane Kuroudo
"I have been nobody's friend from the
beginning. Therefore, I cannot be a

You are Akabane

While not always a
villain, you aren't always a hero, either. I
guess you are more in the "anti-hero"
catagory. After all, you live only for yourself
and your own enjoyment. And you get enjoyment
from the pain and suffering of others by your
hand. You're clever, charming, and have a
certain appeal to those who don't know you.
Perhaps in this case, the less known about you,
the better.

Result Posted on 10/22/05:

You are Kuroudo Akabane!
You are Akabane Kuroudo also known as Dr. Jackel!
People do have their obsessions, but yours
tends to be a bit on the wild side. Killing
others gives you near orgasmic pleasure, and
you love taking jobs that can allow you to
delve into your favorite sport. You especially
love those who can challenge you. Sharp objects
hold your fascination. However, because you are
rather mysterious and sexy to boot, your
sadistic nature can attract loud, obnoxious
high school girls.

Result Posted on 10/22/05:

Eclipse! A powerful demon of the first order, you
are infamous for your deeds during the Hangma
War. You are all about being evil, dark, and
mysterious. You were assigned to train Raenef
to be a demon lord, but thats not working well
so far. Still, you're drawn to Raenef.
heh...and god forbid *you* crack a smile. do
you even know how?

Result Posted on 10/22/05:

Congrats! You're Eclipse ^.^
Yay for you! You're Eclipse. Tall, dark, and
mysterious, Eclipse is a wise and noble demon
assigned by the masters to mentor Raenef. His
new pupil's ineptitude is initially a blow to
Eclipse's prestige in the courts. Despite their
differences, Eclipse finds himself strangely
drawn to Raenef :)

What Demon Diary character are you?
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Result Posted on 10/22/05:

Your Death Angel is angry

Result Posted on 10/16/05:

You are Yuki Eiri!
You are Yuki, the sexy and popular romance novelist.
It is hard for you to be close to someone, because
of hurtful past experiences. You also have an
unhealthy addiction to cigarettes and beer.

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Result Posted on 10/13/05:

Black Goth
You Are A Black Goth. You Are Evil And Only Depend
On Your Self.

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