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Monday, December 19, 2005

   Yes, I'm Alive! XD

It's amazing, I know! I'm alive and kickin'! XD My life has been rather hectic lately. Christmas shopping was only icing on the stress cake. -_- Luckily, that's over and done with. Thank Ra! ^^ But my health is another matter.

I went and had an extensive nerve damage test done. Twas very painful. =/ Shock therapy combined with needles getting jabbed in more than 15 places was more than I could handle. ;_; It's been two weeks and those bastards STILL haven't called me back about the results. =( I'm gonna call them tomorrow. I'm probably looking at surgery. -_- If that happens, I'll be on disability for a good two weeks. *_* That's too long for me to be sitting on my ass. *sigh*

Well, anyway, I want to make this post short cuz I need sleep. I work 7 hours tomorrow. *groan*

I have an Xmas gift for everyone. ^__^ It's not very good, though. I don't have great programs like Photoshop, so I deal with what I have. ^^;;; Sad, I know. I hope you guys like it anyway.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The girl is adorable, ne? ^^ Btw, do you guys like me Xmas bg? It's got a homey feel to it, no? =P

I'll catch you guys later. Much love to ya! Happy Holidays! *blows kisses*

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