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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   Stupid Browser!!! >_

Up there is a picture of me getting ready to kill my computer. I swear, my comp has died on me 4 times in less than one hour today. It's such a piece of junk! *kicks it*

Anyhoo, how does everyone like my new layout? Isn't the bg awesome!? ^_____^ I found a couple of great websites with Halloween bgs that were to die for... literally. xD It was hard to choose which to use. I know I'm really late for Inuyasha311's theme contest, but I still asked if I could enter. If my damn browser wasn't giving me so much trouble, I could've learned of the contest a lot sooner. Grr~!! I'm hoping it doesn't fail on me as I type this. I want to update at least once in a while, dammit. -_-;;;

There's not much to report on my life. My health is still sucky and the nerve damage/pain my my right shoulder, arm, and shoulder haven't gotten any better. I'd say they've been getting worse. v_v I'm in pain everyday and I hate it. I was on Cortisone pills for awhile, but my body didn't have a positive reaction. The steroids were messing with my stomach, making my IBS pains twice as painful. -_- I called me specialist and he told me to stop taking them. I was relieved, to say the least. I'm supposed to see him again on the 20th, which I'm not looking forward to. He said if the pills don't work, he'd want to inject the Cortisone into me. O_O I hate needles, for one thing, but what I'm really wary of are the steroids and long term effects. I've talked to people who have had Cortisone injections and it wasn't pretty. By masking the pain with medication, people don't realize that they are making the injury worse, because they don't feel any pain. That scares me. I'm gonna tell my doc not to go through with it. There are other alternatives.

My love life with Naruki is doing great, like always. =^___^= I still can't wait till she comes out here November 1st or the evening of October 31st. She still has to decide what's comfortable for her, considering she's never been flying. ^^; Poor butterfly. She said the cutest thing when we were discussing how I'd find her at the airport. She'd make a sign that read "Hikari Looking For A Pharaoh." XDD That is the cutest and sweetest idea! =^_^= Just seeing that would make me giggle. Her browser has been a bitch to her lately, as well. :( It seems as if IE is trying to keep us from each other. *glares at Bill Gates* He won't keep me from my precious butterfly! No way, no how!

The two of us have been having an ongoing RP on Yahoo360, where I'm Atemu and she's Yuugi (not too different than our regular lives XD). Since we base the characters on each other, we don't use the words, "he", "him", and the such. Instead, we use "she", "her", and so on. It's so much fun. ^__^ We like to project our feelings for each other through Atemu and Yuugi, so it's heartwarming and beautiful. *swoons* We hope to turn it into a fic for fanfiction.net once it's done... well, that is, if it EVER gets done. XD Once it is, I have another waiting for the two of us on my Yahoo360 site. Yayness! That one will take place in Egypt with me as the Pharaoh, of course. If any of you have Yahoo360 sites, let me know. ^___^ I love making friends on there. Plus, I have a TON of pics and wallies stored there. I may have something you like. ;) My sn is Pharaoh Atemu, in case you were curious.

Well, that's all for today. It's late and I have a long day ahead of me when I wake up. Plus, next weekend, mom's taking the family to a King Tut's Tomb exibit in LA. *bounces around the room* I LOVE Egyptian artifacts! I'm REALLY looking forward to this! ^___________^ Mayhaps I'll see the sennen puzzle on display. *lol* Just kidding! XD

See you guys later!!

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