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"The weak lose their freedom to the strong. Such is the way of the strong. And it is the providence of nature that only the strong survive." - Kuja, Final Fantasy IX


FFVII: A battle against ShinRa soldiers in Rocket Town. Party Members: Cloud, Tifa, Cid. Cid is equipped with 2x cut materia, Cloud equipped with Mime materia. Cid is designated to 2x cut, and immediately afterwards, Cloud is designated to Mime which would have ended that battle very quick. Cid is put to sleep by a ShinRa mist and Cloud jumps out in front. Swinging his sword around, the message pops up: "Cloud has just performed a useless imitation."

Please refrain from any nasty comments about anything on this site or I shall steal your soul and your secrets. Also, if someone is to say "I hate Final Fantasy because I don't like the battle system", I will steal your soul, your secrets, and your money. So I can buy more Final Fantasy paraphernalia of course.

Well, besides all of that, I'd like to welcome you to my site. Please check out my fanart as it arrives, I really appreciate comments and criticism! This goes for what I post as well. It is also imperative that you sign my guestbook, or shadow demons may one day be knocking on your door!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

New name!
My new page is now under the name Omnislasher. Make sure to check it out! Omnislasher! AAAH! OMNISLASHER!!!

Ok. Enough of that.

Anyway, I'm coming after each and every one of you (that I like... mwahaha) and re-signing your gb's and such. I would appreciate it if you could go ahead and stick a sig on my Omnislasher gb as well. Laters, hope to see you on Omnislasher! I won't really be making posts on here anymore.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I really am still living! I've just been incredulously busy (and... grounded.) I'm going to do a username transition very SOON. The new site will have pretty much everything this site does, I'm just making a lot of adjustments. Don't ask the questions and I won't feed you lies. The link will be stuck all over this site like a promised, I'm coming back with a whole new shine, baby! ^_^ Have to go for now, so laters!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dead... but I am alive.

FF1 Battle Theme running through my poor head

Hokkaido Popsicle

Yup, that's the book I'm reading. It's pretty good, I'll probably check out Tokyo Suckerpunch at a later date. But anyway...

I'm ALIVE! Didn't all of you miss me (sarcastic)?

Today I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by hitting the top of a cup with my palm. Today was a bad day anyhow. Actually, everything has been rather off since Easter. My parents were total assholes (TripleJ can vouch for that) and well... I achieved only one goal.


Yeah. So um... sorry, I feel just so stressed. A lot of things going on but suddenly I don't really want to type them out. I think I might change my myotaku.com username at some point. YaoinoKatana... something different. Probably pertaining to FF. Oh, here's a pic I made! It's for TripleJ, go check out his site btw! He gets no hits and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

Reno - FFVII: AC

Alright, I'm freezing, hungry, and my mom is a-calling, so bye for now! I'll post all over the place if I change names.


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Saturday, March 26, 2005

*hugs monitor that now displays an FFVII ac wallpaper, screensaver, and winamp skin!*
Pretty good

Kaja Kaja GOO! (Thanks TripleJ, it's glued into my head almost as bad as any world map music...)

Yeah, I think FFVII: AC has turned into a theme event for me. The only other time that really happened was involving .hack//SIGN...

Well, I didn't sleep nor did I play FFVII or any other video game when I said I would. I barely slept at all again... but! BUT! I was making a quiz to try and stick on this site for about... I don't know... I think I signed offline at about 4:00 am. I got all of the quiz code completed, I just need to make the results. And I only have one so far.

My Daddy!

Yeah! The quiz is "Whose Your Daddy? From Final Fantasy", and there are five different results. I think I created the questions okay, meaning that they aren't quite that obvious unless you really think about them. That is just my opinion however, and it doesn't matter all that much since I'm the creator. Once I'm done with the results I'm going to submit it to the Guru. Oh, and, just so ya know... Cid pretty much is my daddy, and Auron is TripleJ's daddy. Also, Vincent is my boyfriend and Tifa is his girlfriend (I steal her sometimes), and we have a split between Sephiroth. And Cloud is my brother and I think Quistis is his sister and...

Ok, ok I'll stop that now. We were going through that for... what... *elbows minion* like, 3 or 4 hours yesterday? Haha. Anyway, Len's coming over in a few hours and...

Sorry, just ran to the kitchen... I... overboiled the eggs... is that possible? Oh crap... They... they were only... like... fifteen minutes over... and... oh... oh god...

Um... well... I need to shower and whatnot, so, laters!

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*yawns in sleepiness*
Rather content, yet somewhat fatigued

Um... whatever music is playing on my site... that's right... Cid's Theme... from... FFVII...

Well, hopefully you've noticed that some adjustments have been made. The new background on here, which came with several other wicked good ones and an awesome Advent Children screensaver, is exclusively for MEMBERS OF SHINRA, INC., BUT... unfortunately for you, unless you can read Japanese or have true resourcefulness as I do, you won't be joining me as a ShinRa employee. *smirk* My employee number is 76990 if any of you can figure your way through. I think the e-mail I received said something about getting actual business cards to print out at some point, but I am not at all fluent in Japanese, whether it be speaking or reading.

Anyway, I've been enjoying my break somewhat. My family seems to have a problem with my existence as usual, but what can I say? Hm... my father had a mini-heart attack today. He was in the hospital all day long, my mother with him. This left me with my minion and younger sister who was being even more of a brat than usual. So, my day wasn't all too hot, considering I had to tolerate the whining and stress emitting from every family member except myself. At one point, my mother came home to change out of her work clothes and update me on my father's status, and while she was changing, I asked (for the fifth time since it had been brought up) if it was all right for Len to come over tomorrow. She yelled at me that that wasn't the time to me asking things like that, that me having company was the last thing on her mind, as though my father was on his deathbed or something. I, of course, gave my usual flippant attitude in response to such madness, and she said, and I quote, "Is it anime that makes you this heartless!?" Yeah. I don't think I even need to delve into that one for you to laugh or whatever you do.

So... yeah... other stuff happened... but... I'm really tired, and I was playing my piano for about 4 hours last night when I really should have been asleep, so... 2 hours of sleep, kinda wearing off now... I'm either gonna go off to play FFVII or just sleep. Anyway, thanks for LEAVING A COMMENT in advance, and I'll catch all you guys laters.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A little more... emotional than usual.

The Sims - build2!

Yeah. I'm a little out of whack tonight, so I'm not gonna be putting down much. Proof - I'm listening to a compilation of the Sims build mode music and Gackt. Uh-huh.

Have a lot of things on my mind... yet I can't think of anything. Know how that feels? It's hurting my brain...

I'm eating cold jambalaya. It's at least better than the cake I had this morning with diseased icing. *shudder* I am seriously never even touching, not even poking with 10-foot poles, my father's cooking again. EVER!

The performance went alright. And my minion was over before and after for a little bit. Tomorrow is the beginning of a four-day weekend for me. So... it sucks that I'm feeling as low as I am, since, for all intents and purposes, this is a Friday night.

I think I'll check out a few peoples' sites and read a couple gb signings, then ambulate over to my bed... to just lie there, probably. Anyway... goodnight.

UPDATE: Almost forgot... I wrote a little thing as an away message for my AIM name. Read it here or read it there.

I have met my match...
Blood drips from its fearsome claws
My own blood, such tainted blood
Worthless, pushed farther and farther
To the precipice overlooking insanity.
The warmth of the fires encircle me
My breath stolen, such a strong gale
The beast speaks not of mercy
And together we both wish my death.
It sings verbatim, a deadly song
My arms now outstretched to beyond...

Ephemeral mirth... a taunting consequence for the possession of my soul.

Yeah... stupid right? Leave a comment and criticize me. I won't be back until I'm in a better mood anyway. Alright... time for some cherry snow lollipops and a good movie. Hm... ex the lollipops, exchange it with something else and add in "Kite". Adios... again.

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