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Monday, August 22, 2005

OMG, I feel like I haven't said anything forever!

Dude, I don't think I updated in a real long time. Like since, before the day I left to come back to Alabama.

Well, anyway, what's up? Not much here, well, actually there is a lot.

Well, of course, I'm back in Alabama. T-T Which totally sucks. School has started, it's raining badly, and I'm bored all the time.

School started August 15th, instead of the 16th. Which totally sucks, because now I have homework, and I really hate homework, but I'll get over it sooner or later. I havee this one teacher, Mrs. McGarrity, which I hated at first, but now, I like her as my teacher. Then there's this one teacher, Ms. Dailey, she's so boring, but that's a good thing, she helps me with my drawing, how you wonder, because when I'm bored or sad, I craw the best, mainly when I'm bored.^^ And Ms. Pigue, she's awesome! I love that teacher, hopefully she won't be nice at first then later on become mean... yeah, I'm finally in the 8th grade. ::sobs::

I can comment again! ::yay:: I'll start back in September. Speaking of September, I have to change my theme, which I think September's theme is Loveless. I might kinda be late, instead of early, and I'm not putting the music in the background, instead, your going to have to click on that damn button.

I'm so lazy! I don't feel like doing anything. Is it me, or are these weeks going by faster, no? Maybe it's me... or is it?

GAVsim is back up, but I just found that out, like yesterday...

Squee has changed on Gaia, so that pic of her isn't... a current pic, actually, she is wearing green for once.

OMG, it was storming today! I got like soaked in water, and I was freezing! Earlier, it looked so... sunny outside, then when I got to the library, it was so... rainy. I ran in the rain, and the library was cold, which made me freeze, the library helped me look for avatars and a background for Sept.'s theme, which is totally awesome!

My friend, her friend, and I are planning to go to the mall. I haven't met her friend, Todd, but he sounds so cool! It'll be cool, because all 3 of us can flirt with guys! ::Squee!:: At the mall, there are hot guys at something that starts with a H, Hollisters, or something like that. I'm more familiar with the guys at Abercrombie & Fitch. :D Naughty me! My goal there is a secret! ::shhhh::

Anyway, I know I forgot a thing full of things that I wanted to say, but hey, there's always tomorrow right?

Bye! ^^

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   This is it...

August 10th I'm leaving to go back to my mom's house. I'm not having therapy anymore, so I guess that's good. School start August 16th, so yeah, not a lot of time left. I had a great time in California, even though we didn't do as much as the other summers, I'll be going back to California during Christmas Break, hopefully that will come fast.T_T

A few days ago the lights went out, so dad and me spent a little quality time, like from 10:30pm to about midnight, we went to Berkeley, which is like 30 miles away, even though, we thought of going to San Fransisco again, yes again, a few days ago we went to San Fransisco, I had a great time.

I still can't post comments, but I can start doing it by Wednesday or Thursday.

Since I'm very bored, I'll tell you all the pros and cons about going back to Alabama, starting with the pros, because there aren't very much.

Going to see mom (Or maybe that should be a con)
Seeing my friends
I can comment on people posts *yay*
I shop so much more
I can get on my site easier
I finally see Granny's grave
... I think that's it.

No On Demand
No fuckin' DSL
No Anime Network T_T
No Winamp (Maybe I'll download it when I get back)
Less Donating to Gaia ( Yes, I started donating last month, I think, I hate sending letters from Alabama, then sending it to California T_T, which also means, I have to send my gold for 2 donation letters, but it's okay, I guess.)
Less time on the computer (My mom hates me on the computer everyday.)
Less anime T_T
Can't watch FMA as much (Since school is starting soon, I can't stay up as late)
A FUCKIN' BEDTIME!!! (10:30!!!)
No one to have fun with (My mom doesn't play games with me, so I can't play with anyone, even though it doesn't sound like much, it's actually makes me cry thinking of that) T_T
It's gonna be harder to read my guestbook! (Sometimes it says cannot connect to MYSQL or something like that)
Less time at Barnes & Nobles (I love the bookstore, even though I'm not a very smart person, well not like I used to be, I used to be on the "A" Honor Roll, but now I'm only making Bs and a few Cs. T_T
Harder to find my music and wallpaers for my site (I save my music, and the wallpapers, but I have a site where I get my avatars, so I could care less)
More people to cuss out and deal with (At school, there are so many bitches that I can't stand, and really, I'm not a violent person, I'm very sensitive, so I try to ignore them so I don't start anything, but the bitches just keep on coming.}
Not as much happiness (Mom makes me angry and makes me hate her more every week, I'll say, even though, we sometimes get along)
Stupid shit (Mom crys over stupid shit, goes in my personal business, always sleeps, even though that's kind of a good thing, and always goes over to that dudes house, Jeremy and me hate that dude, Jeremy's my brother)
Dad goes to the Personals (When I'm not in California, dad looks for a fuckin' women for him to date, he's 56 years old, give up!)
NO DAD!!!! (It's hard without dad T_T Even if, he's stupid sometimes.)
... I think that's it, but it's much more than the cons, but come on, Alabama, who in the hell loves Alabama, exept rednecks and some old people.

Anyway, a very good thing is I'm finally riding the bus home, well actually, the bus stop is at the library that's about a half of a mile away. Since I love manga's, and some books, I can spend a little time there, ecspecially for doing homework and using the computer.^^ My mom told me to go there when it rains, so I hope it rains a lot this year.^^ Also, not to brag, I graduate, finally, I'm tired of that damn school, plus most of the people there, then I'm sending one year in HS in Alabama, then I'm moving my ass on back to California.^^ My mom can't face the fact that I want to move, but we will be going to court mother fucker! Yeah, that was very rude, but I had to say it. Also since granny's dead, I don't have to go another hospital for a long while, hopefully.

There's this song that I'm listening to called "Kiseki no Umi" by Maaya Sakamoto, I love this song for some reason, but thinking about leaving dad makes me cry with it.

Gravitation OVA comes out August 30th!

Kingdom Hearts manga comes out in October!

Preorder Kingdom Hearts II while everybody else is, believe me, I know.

PS3 comes out next year! *yay*

Gino Gambino is alive! Yeah, the hot young one, I love his hair. Sasha looked like one of those octopus things with the lips and all. XD

I'm changing my thing for the post background, since I really do love Alphonse, plus a girl posted a pic of Alphonse that I love in my guild, on Gaia, "The Official Bishounen Lovers Guild"... I just had to post it, since I hate the post background right now, I love the site background, don't you? It'll never be as good as the Ryuichi one though, a lot of people have been requesting to see that plus some new people because they are curious, maybe I'll post it again, maybe...


*pokes all with spork*

Bye. ^.~

P.S.: OMFG! For once I bumped more than 50 times, yay for me. *SAY YAY!*

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


I know I haven't updated in awhile and I'm sorry. I can't see my comments nor post comments, which seriously sucks, but I promise, when I go back to Alabama. *crys* I'll post a comment.^^ And yes, I do read your posts, so I didn't forget about you all.^^

I'm changing my site around soon for the August theme: FMA. As bad as it sounds, I'm kinda happy to take this wallpaper down, it was too bright for me, but it is summer. Anyway, I found a great wallpaper, but not as great as the Ryuichi one I had a few months ago, but that's the best wallpaper ever! At least in my opinion. So if you see some wierd stuff happening with my site, I'm changing it around.^^ I plan to have it changed by the 27th.

Yesterday, I went to this picnic thing and I guess caught a stomach virus, since I have been throwing up and my stomach has been hurting. *sorry if you were eating while reading*


Anyway, if you watched On Demand, there's a new music video from TM Revolution, that dude's so hot, anyway, the name of the song is "Invoke" and yes, it comes from Gundam Seed. I love the music video, and if you look close enough, you just might see a surprise. What I'm saying is, he is... big.

Anyway, I might not post for awhile or at least until I can see and post comments, but I'll visit this site everyday.^^

Squee Choo!!!
See ya!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   Squee Choo!!!

I changed my name on Gaia, it's now +[.Squee.Choo.]+, I like that name, so don't make fun of it, or I'll cry. I have to take that thing down, the one that says Sakura Yumi, I'll take it down later, and I have to get a new bump pic. Anyway, I'm starting to get very happy about my guild, this girl joined today and made 5 banners for the guild, which is cool, because they rock, I love her graphics.^^ Than there's this talented art person named lynnember, she has a auction, maybe next time I'll bid, because I love her art. Anyway, they made a filter thing on gaia, so I bought a animation:

Yeah, that's so cool.^^ People PMd me because they thought it was so cool.^^ That's what goes on in the mind of this girl.^^

Next years is 2006, and my username is Yaoi Baka 2006, so I plan to change my name, and to do that, I have to delete this account, then make a new one. It's gonna be a lot of work, but I can do it, I'll give ya a cookie if you can guess the username.^^

My skin is starting to peel where the rash was, I guess that's a good thing?

Do your parents ever say, you'll be a good parent when you grow up? Mine do all the time, it seriously pisses me off, I hate taking care of my room, I sure as hell hate taking care of some little child, they give me headaches.

Anyway, since it's 2:15 am, and I'm not supposed to be on this late, for some reason, I'm getting off now.

Squee Choo!!!

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