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Saturday, April 19, 2008

So...life sucks...and this new format for MyO sucks more...
Yeah, I'm not liking this new format. It was fine just the way it was. Now it's too complicated. Ugh. Why can't people leave things the way they are when it's fine just as it was? Gets on my nerves, I swear. I'll keep updating here from time to time, and check up on you guys, but don't expect much more than that because of the change.

Well, my life has gone up and down, as usual. I now officially hate teens who try to find as many ways possible to get high, because now I can't buy spray paint to make my mask for Band Banquet. *facekeyboard* Uuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhh...nor can I buy glue, scissors (or even safety scissors!!), the obviously illegal crap here in the US, air-in-a-can (for dusting), sudafed, tylenol PM, any type of cough syrup, and the such. Ok, all teens/adults who use these things to hurt themselves/get high, get REAL drugs so that the rest of us can buy these things without having our friggen ID's checked! I mean, really, this is just stupid. Pretty much, the only thing people under 18 will be able to buy are: food, drinks, and clothing. Because, you know, we don't go on errands for our parents. Makes me want to choke a smurf. ><

On a happier note, I went to see Dracula the ballet last night. Hell to get to since it was playing in downtown, and an arts festival was on main street, i.e. meaning every numbered street was blocked off. Took me and mum over half an hour to find the parking garage we wanted. >< But the ballet was amazing!! The music had a bit of a Fantastique feel (music geeks should know what I mean), but it was really dark, slightly creepy, but awesome all the same. The cape the Count was wearing was 15 feet wingspan to wingspan, and 30 pounds of velvet and other cloth. o.O Amazing, isn't it? Poor guy, must've gotten tired of holding it up real quick, since that's what the point of it was, for him to hold it up so it looked like bat wings, and run around with it open. LOVED the flying scenes. The brides would randomly fly during their scenes, and the Count did twice, and the last time he did, he went up on a chandelier and died from the sun's rays. Awesome ballet. Though, I did see quite a few 'goth' girls there. Probably there just because it has to do with Count Dracula.

In other news, I have TAKS (Texas state test. Sucks butt since I have to take it every year and hope to pass, or get stuck in a TAKS class), AP testing, State UIL, Band Banquet, AND Girl Scout camping weekend coming up. All within the time span of 1 month. Oh. My. God. My brain is gonna fry from stress! ;_; And I'm also job searching again, because frankly, I don't want to go back to Leslie's Pool Supply and deal with stupid people. Nope, not again. I might be working at a pizza place with a friend. Hope I get it.

I've been meaning to work on an anthro project to draw my cats humanized, but my scanner is a butt and will scan in their legs. >< Grrrrr....nothing wants to go my way, lately. Stupid technology.

Oh! Kuroneko's and my 2 year anniversary is this Sunday! *dances* Can ya believe it? 2 years!! O_O It's amazing!!

That's all I got to say.


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Friday, February 29, 2008

   "I don't play your rules I make my own...."
"Cuz I Can" by Pink

Yes, I'm still alive guys. Can't get rid of me that easily. ^_~ I'm doing alright, enjoying Leap Day. Someone in my school actually turned 4 today! Well, technically 16, but if you go by the actual birthday date, she turned 4 years old. I feel kinda sorry for those who are born on Leap Day, since their birthday only comes every 4 years. Probably makes getting a drivers liscense quite complicated. XP

I'm doing pretty well in school. Since I finally got over the stupid flu, I've been getting my butt into gear and getting caught up in all my classes. It was pretty easy, except for in some of my classes, like APUSH (AP U.S. History). >< That's a hard class to begin with, and then being 2 days behind, that's pretty much a death wish right there. But I've managed, and my grades are going up, so hopefully I'll be eligible for UIL again this coming grade mark.

Speaking of UIL, both Flute Choirs made it to State! We have two now since there's so many of us, so we have the upperclassmen (Juniors/Seniors) in one Flute Choir and the Underclassmen (Freshmen/Sophomores) in another, since the Underclassmen are in a class, and the rest of us aren't thanks to scheduling. But we're all going to State!! I can't wait to go! There'll be so many of us going, I know for a fact that we'll have a blast. Hey, going with your friends for a weekend in Austin for a competition is awesome, especially since we get to roam UT (University of Texas) while we wait for our time slot to approach.

Well, sticking my nice theme of 'cuz I can', I've decided to put up some pictures of myself for ya'll to see. This is what you get when I'm bored and I have some nice clothes that are just laying around. I experiment and have fun doing it. So this is my 'mafia', or 'mallfia' look. The second one is what a group of my friends call each other, and I'm the Godmother while my friends are the Donnas. Pretty sweet, eh? Anywho, here's the pictures.




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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   "It's perfectly fine to be a happy individual..."
"I'm Gay" by Bowling for Soup (it's about being happy, duh!)

Hey peoples. Sorry I've been lacking on updating, but I've been really busy lately with school and projects out of the wazoo. Fun, right? Well, at least I'm getting things done.

Speaking of projects, today me and my girl scout troop (yes, I'm STILL a girl scout. Senior, thank-you-very-much!) are going to the local Cooks Children's Hospital to steralize toys for community service hours. But Yami, that doesn't really sound like fun! Well, we make things fun! Plus, we really needed some community service to do since that's what we do instead of earning patches and what-not; we give back to the community. That, and we camp and sell cookies. ^^ My mum's the cookie mom and she's already sick of cookies. *laughs*

I'm sure this will intrigue you all, but my next project for my ASL (American Sign Language) 3 class is being 'Deaf for a Day'. I do exactly as it says: play deaf from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. We have to write a speech about our experience and then present it to the class on a certain day. Lovely. We can easily lie since it's based on the honor system that we're not cheating, but seeing as my mum knows sign language and I'm honest like no other, there's no way I can cheat. We have to communicate by using any method we can besides speech, which includes: sign language, writing, miming, an lip reading when someone is talking to us. Sounds like fun, huh? I'm even going to put in ear plugs to muffle noise so that it's a bit easier for me to act deaf. If you think this sounds easy, I dare you to try it. Triple-dog dare ya! Yep, I went there. XD

That's pretty much an update of what I'm doing, besides dreading Valentine's Day. *rolls eyes* Even though I have a boyfriend, the holiday is still.....bleh. But, I'm gonna give out candy to all my friends so they don't feel left out. ^_~


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