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Achievements: Getting through my first two years of high school, and winning various graphic designing contests and competitions.
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Favorite Anime: InuYasha, Bleach, Death Note, Blood+, Special A, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tsubasa, Trigun, and Code Geass. Iíve seen a lot more than this, but these are my top favorites/recommendations!
Goals: To pass high school >.>, to learn more advanced graphic designing/become a better one and someday get accepted into the Art Institute, to meet my best friend and other close online friends face to face someday
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Time: 2:00pm
Listening To: Komm Susser Todd from The End of Evangelion
Mood: Unknown...

Hello everyone who actually reads these (not many... I know). Sorry for the extremely long absence. Been busy and have been doing other things and when I want to update I'm either too tired or don't feel like it at all because I'm simply bored as hell... or something like that

So, all of last week my next door neighbor Carrie and I were practically living with each other. We played video games at my place, went swimming back and forth between her pool and my pool, we hung out out front, hanging out at her place with her youngest sister, etc. It was fun because we would be texting each other at like eight in the morning figuring out what we would be doing that day. During all this, we were getting solar heating set up in our backyard so it was loud so during all that we would be at her place trying to escape the noises that reminded you of a dentist office. Then we got a Wii!! I would say five days ago now. It's so cool!! I love playing Wii Sports and I defeated Mario Party 8 yesterday and Mario Galaxy will be next... xD

Saturday I was at my friend's Stephanie's place all afternoon from noon 'til five. It was her Birthday party and five of my friends were there (only two stayed the whole time - Amber and Monica). We watched her older sister and her family play Super Smash Bros on the Wii, then we went jumping on the trampoline, and then we went swimming and I got stuck wearing a swimsuit of hers that she wore when she was twelve. Sad thing isÖ it fit me perfectly. I'm really tiny and am shrinking everyday so no surprise really. Then I ended up leaving my camera at her house and still have not gotten it back. I'm probably going to get it back this weekend

Yesterday was the worst! Family money issues, so my parents, my grandma, and my aunt and uncle were having a pre-meeting before some meeting today. Meaning that I had my little cousins over here unexpectedly. They were not behaving with my little sister and I was in charge so it was hell. They finally left at six, and then my parents, sister, and I watched the new episode of Next Food Network Star (NIPAíS GONE!!! XD). I went to bed at ten after watching Death Note

My first day of Geometry in summer school was today. It was easy... probably for today only since itís Chapter 1. We did five lessons today and we got literally 250 problems or more. At least I only have 40 left to do and Iíll probably go do them with Bob later. I have a test in two days and my Chapter 2 test is Friday, so yeah... we move pretty quickly!

Well, I think I'm going to go do something besides homework for a little while. I shall return again soon!

End Time: 2:10
Listening To: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku by Field of View

Courtney (yamisgirl)

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