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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Ahh! I'm baack!
My goodness, I have not been here since January! A whole month! T_T I'm sooo sorry! That means I haven't even been able to look at sites! How terrible... Well I'm back now! Did you all miss me? Or have you abandoned me? ^_^;; Anyway, on with the post!

Rant of the... month? XD: Well! I suppose I should get to what I've been doing in the past month! XD So much! Well the first week, as you all know, was my birthday! It actually went quite well (despite how horrible I thought it would be XD) I got a lot of neat stuff! Like A YAMI PLUSHIE! and these adorable cartouche necklaces, and and RF calendar, and a bunch of other stuffs that I wanted! ^_^ It was also the Superbowl and the Giants won *party* The second week, was so busy! o_o; That's why I wasn't able to post! First I had a Job Interview contest for the FFA! It's just how it sounds, it's a contest where you do a mock job interview! I thought I did all right ^_^ I didn't make it to the second round though. Then I had MFE which is Made For Excellence conference it was a lot of FUN! I always love those <3 X3 It taught me a lot about different leadership things!
Let's see, what else... Things have actually been looking up at school! o_o; I decided to stay here for the rest of the semester, if not until I graduate, so that's going all right. There was Valentine's Day, which was really fun!! That week was really busy too!
This week on Tuesday I won this FFA trivia thing for FFA week that they were doing on the announcements and won a $10 giftcard to Starbucks! LOL Then, there was a meeting and they gave me the FFA member of the month award! o_o; Wowzers! Then we watched Night At the Museum for movie night after the meeting! ^_^
The rest of the week was pretty ok as well, it went pretty fast because it was only a 4 day week, whoo! lol
Yikes, sorry about that! XD

Game of the Week: Good job to everyone who answered last time! (some of you did more than I expected!) All right! I would have either accepted... 4 times! That is if you count him losing to Pegasus in the second episode and if you counted him losing to Kaiba in the first season (I don't count either of these because he would have won anyway!) OR I would have accepted 2 times! That would be just counting when he lost to Raphael in the Oricalcos season and when he *SPOILERS* lost to Yugi in the final episode! However! YP has alerted my attention to one that could be counted as well! And that would be when Bakura used his time hourglass to turn back time and Atem fell over the cliff! I guess I never though of it because it wasn't an actual duel! LOL Well! Congratulations to: RagingFlameSprite, Yamis Pharaohess, and Dunpeil Dueliest!

Here's the new one!
QUESTION: What's one thing that you really want to succeed in?

The song this week shall again, not be RF o_o; I know! LOL But I've been obsessed with this guy lately, so it's only fair! XD
"Stealing Cinderella" by Chuck Wicks (X3 he is sooo cute! Tell me if the full song doesn't play, ok?)

Well I think that's finally it for this post! LOL Tomorrow I'm going to go to a Regional Officer Screening for FFA! So wish me luck! I'll need it! XD Have a good week everyone!
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