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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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capture (01/19/08)

Hi nice to meet you.

lovely site I love it.The background is so cool.PM me anytime.I like your name too.It is cool.Pm me Ok.I hope we could be friends.The pics are cool.

come and visite my site and sign my GB.


RagingFlameSprite (12/15/07)

Hi^^ I've just been searching around on sites and I came across yours^^ If you can't tell from my username, I'm in love with Yu-Gi-Oh! as well^^
In my mind, Atem's my older brother^^"
I hope we can be friends^^ I won't pull any friendship speeches that make some people's ears bleed, but yeah^^

Ja ne!

Shattered Peices (12/02/07)

Iím just skipping around sites;
and this is where I ended up.
so, must I say, you have a very lovely site indeed. [=
welp; hope to see you around MyOtaku. feel free to pm me if you wish.
just, please, for an update,
I hate it when people ask me to be their friends.
if we're pming, then its obvious we're friends, or are along the line of it.
also, please please PLEASE; dont ask me "what do you want to talk about?"
since Iím not sure. if i did have an idea, Iím mostly sure we'd be talking about it.
I did not mean to sound rude of I did, so please excuse me. x]
any who, nice little chat-along that was.
cheerio =D

xPunk x Zerox (11/28/07)


I was passing by and i thought i would sign your guestbook.

[I will sometimez just go around and look at otherz sites ^__^ most of the time just to look but there are sometimez i actually come across someone who interests me ^^ Today that is you!! Wootness!!!! Lolz]

Anywayz i really liked yourz that's why me here!!! You seem kewlz too =D

Well i do hope that you and i become friends. I often only add the ppl who comment so i hope i do see you around *Smiles*

See Ya


OuranPrincess00 (11/17/07)

Hello Angelina. ^_^
That's a pretty name!
Much better than mine.
I wish I lived in California.
I wouldn't have to put up with this cold weather >.<
Anyways. I love your site!!!
The colors are so cute!
I love Yugioh!
Seto Kaiba is my fave. haha.
I'm going to add you as a friend.
Keep in touch.
oh I left a comment too. ^^

Innocent Chii (09/01/07)

Hi, Angelina! It's a pleasure to meet you! -smiles and hands you cupcake- I'm Michelle AKA Chii-chan. I love the cute pink and blue of your site! I hope to become good friends! =3 It seems you have Y! Messenger. May I have your permission to add you?

I'll always be here for you and to accept you as who you are.

Beware, red heads are dangerous! =D

With love too much to bare,

Innocent Chii

Mellowthrasher (08/10/07)

Hello there my name is mellowthrasher how are you^^ now i'm just going around and i fell upon your site which caught my eye might i add *thinks* well any way i would love to add you as a fried how about we chat sometimes k.


Akula (07/07/07)

Your site is beautiful!
And your nickname is funny! You know,in my country-Russia,03 is the telephone number of ambulance! Lol!
You have got nice talents! ^_^
Have a good day!

Darkwolfprincess (06/30/07)

helllo there i like your site yami is awesome XP i am going to add ya k hope you come by and do the same


FLEWDAS 6288 (04/20/07)

Hey. i love your site. Yugio Rocks.

i am gonna add ou. ok


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