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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   Hey y'alls!
Hey everybody! How are you all? I’ll try to keep this short… Only 3 comments last time *sadness* At least it’s a three-day weekend! ^_^

My Rant of the Week: Monday was a late start day! And the fact that it wasn’t a day with Algebra and Ag made me happy! lol The rest of the week in classes was spent doing a bunch of review for the finals next week. Wednesday there was a banquet where I got my Chapter FFA Degree! ^_^ That’s for your second year in FFA! I also signed up for stuff in FFA all week which totally conflicts with my situation… Friday was a little hectic as well. I was all bummed for most of the day. I totally lost the review game in history, then we got our schedules for next semester and mine got changed and that with everyone else’s I’m not with any of the people I had to talk to in class! As if school wasn’t sad enough already… *sigh*

Game of the week: The answer to last week’s question about who owned all of the Millennium Items during the present day part of YGO is Yugi, of course, owned the puzzle, Pegasus had the eye, Marik had the Rod, Ishizu had the necklace, Bakura had the Ring, and Shadi had the Key and Scales! ^_^ Congratulations to: Yamis Pharaohess!

Here’s the new one!
QUESTION: Do you ever think extensively about an anime during school or something else in your everyday life?

This week I have… NOT Rascal Flatts! *GASP* I knoow! XD It’s amazing… but this song made me just about cry while I was walking to school yesterday, so… Here it is! (I love this man too! <3 X3) LOL He’s the one that I saw in concert with RF this last summer though! Hee hee!

I have finals this week, so wish me luck everybody! Ah, my birthday is in 2 weeks! o_o; LOL Have an awesome week everybody!
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