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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   Hello to all!
Wow! Hey I’m sorry guys! It sure has been a while since I’ve updated! ^_^;; but I’m here now! And OMG my birthday is in 3 weeks!! O_O; Wow! …On with the post!

My Rant of the Week: Well, this is basically my break then isn’t it? XD I spent the first week at my house and did Christmas, which was all right. I got a few good things. DDR for the Wii, “SuperSpecialAwesome” t-shirt, a couple CD’s and yeah… Then I spent the next week at my dad’s house. He didn’t have a computer! o_o; Yeah, so that’s why I couldn’t post… It was pretty rough, but oh well at least I didn’t have any work! LOL So I basically played video games and watched lots and lots of football while I was there! XD Yeah. Then I got the last few days at home where there was a big storm. Then this last week was my first week back at school. Monday I missed because I slept in again and missed my sister’s bus T_T the rest of the week was pretty low. I don’t know, I just never felt good. Everything (but especially my ag class) made me miserable. It was pretty sad. I just wish I knew what to do…

Game of the week: Thanks for everyone’s responses last time! ^_^ Here’s my answer… My thoughts about Yu-Gi-Oh the first few times that I saw it were that I thought it was stupid and I didn’t want to watch it! XD Amazing, huh? Obviously, that has changed a lot from right now. I love it with all my heart!

Here’s the new one!
QUIZ: Who owns each of the Millennium Items in the present part of the story?
Good luck! ^_~

No Rascal Flatts song this week! Instead I’ll leave you with a quote from the FFA National Convention that I was at! This was from one of the speeches!

“If you will it, it is not a dream.” -Henry Winkler

Thanks you guys so much for sticking around here when I am soo bad at getting to all of you! You’re all great! ^_^ Have a wonderful week!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   Woah, I almost forgot!
It's my Otaku Anniversary today!! I didn't even realize it! LOL
Yaay! I've been on MyOtaku for three whole years!! O_O;; Wow!

I have had such a good time on here and have met soo many awesome people! Thank you all for being my friends! I am so glad to have had my little posts to rant and vent with! ^w^
And after all this time, I still love Yami with all my heart! XD <3 <3

Thanks guys,

Be sure to read my actual post if you haven't yet! *points down*

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   It's almost Christmas!
Hey everyone! I made it through this week! Yay! LOL AND it’s almost Christmas! *dances* hee hee! Though I feel kind of bad for this Christmas T_T oh well!

My Rant of the Week: This week felt long and short at the same time… XD As for school, my week was cut really short! XD Monday and Tuesday I mostly gave my presents of cards, cookies, pins and ornaments to everyone. I also took a couple tests since I wasn’t going to be there for the real time of the test later that week! Wednesday, was the day of my oral surgery thing. That went pretty well. I’d never been under anesthesia before, so that was interesting… I woke up towards the end, but it was all right! I was too sick from it to eat anything else that day… I mostly did nothing on Thursday XD Friday my cheeks were swollen, I look like a chipmunk! XD but I drove all the way to where we were going to pick up my brother for Christmas! o_o; That was interesting! XD

Game of the week: The answer to last week’s quote challenge was Valon! From the episode where he’s about to duel Joey! I just liked that quote because as YP put it, it proves that there are couples in YGO in our version! LOL Actually it was the one and only time that they used the word, so I liked it! Anyway, congratulations to: demon dragon, RagingFlameSprite, Dunpeil Dueliest, Ree-Ree, and Yamis Pharaohess!
Wow, good job on that one guys! ^_^

Here’s the new one!
QUESTION: What were your thoughts about Yu-Gi-Oh the first few times you saw it? Has it changed from how you view it now?
Thanks guys! <3

Rascal Flatts song of the Week: This is their newest single! Enjoy! X3

That’s it for this week! I hope everyone has had a good break so far! Have an awesome Christmas! *hugs for everyone* Bye!
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

   Heeeey! *hugzies*
Hello everyone! Boy am I glad it’s the weekend! Only one more until break! ^_^ But I have sooo much to do this weekend! TT_TT and I am not looking forward to this next week at all… *sigh* but, on with the post!

My Rant of the Week: My week was all right. Monday night spent working on repotting plants and taking pictures of it for my SAE project for Ag XD Wednesday thankfully wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… I had an algebra test that went all right, I think and I did my presentation for my SAE project. Thursday was nice because I actually stayed with this one guy from my history class that I was working with all through lunch ^_^ and I stayed with him again on Friday at lunch! Yay! Thursday I also actually didn’t have any algebra homework *spasm* so instead my mom made me clean… XP

Game of the week: The answer to last week’s question about when Yu-Gi-Oh was first created was in 1996! ^_^ It first aired in Japan in 1998 and in America in 2001! Comegratulations to: Yamis Pharaohess, Dunpeil Dueliest, and partial points to Maybe.Memories!

Here’s the new one!
QUOTE CHALLENGE: “I know that deep down, Mai still loves Joey…”
Good luck! ^_~

Rascal Flatts song of the Week: Hey! I didn’t realize that the last song was only a part of it! ^_^;; I’ll try to find a full song this week! I love this song!! <3 <3

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful week everyone! I’m having an oral surgery thing so that I can get braces this week, so wish me luck t oo! ^_^;;
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   Hey everyone! *blanking out*
Hey, what’s up guys? How are you all doing? Good I hope! ^_^ Umm, I don’t have much so on with the post!

My Rant of the Week: Monday was Farah‘s, daughter of Atem and Tahirah, birthday! That was cool! Tuesday after school I went to the orthodontist and they put these little plastic things in between my teeth to space them out… It made my teeth hurt, it hurts to eat T_T Wednesday we wrote an essay in class, and I wrote it on Atem o_o; I was so nervous cause I had never done that before! After school we got some Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree! Yay! Thursday was actually a good day at school and it was my day of classes that I hate! Algebra I had this super awesome sub that totally made my day! ^_^ and Friday was pretty good too, we played this game where we pretended to be countries imperializing other countries in History, and PE I was all hyper and me and my friend sang Christmas songs XD My brother was supposed to come over, but he wrecked our dad’s truck on the way over o_o; so our dad got him and they decided to go home… He’s ok though. But my other brother came over, so ya!

Game of the week: Oh-tay! The answer to last week’s question about the Big 5 is that all of their names are… Ganzley, Cronk, Johnson, Nezbit, and Lector! Alrighty, congratulations to: Dunpeil Dueliest and half points to Yamis Pharaohess for giving a good try!

Here’s the new one!
QUIZ: What year was Yu-Gi-Oh first created in? And as a bonus question: What year did it air on tv in Japan? In America?
Good luck! ^_~

Rascal Flatts song of the Week: It’s back again! ^_^ I felt like a sad song this week… but at least Joe Don (member) is going to be a daddy! *squeal*

That’s it for now everyone! Have a good week! ^_^
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Saturday, December 1, 2007

   Hey everyone!
Hey everybody! How are you all? I’m so sorry I missed out last week! T_T With everyone over for the holiday I was bound to get in trouble… and I did. I’m sorry guys!

My Rant of the Week: Let’s see… Last week there were only two days of school! ^_^ so of course that was nice… although Tuesday in PE depressed me cause I got totally bonked on the head with a soccer ball and I realized I had no friends there to care… The rest of the week my two brothers and my dad came over. It was nice except for I got in trouble about 4 times, it was awful XP My five days off seemed to go by way too fast…
This week was… ok. Thankfully it went by semi-fast. I don’t remember much except for I got really just… bummed out about everything on Wednesday… T_T but thankfully Kitty was there and stuck through my annoyingness for me… and on Thursday I actually enjoyed lunch for once! LOL I walked into the library and OMG what did I see? Shonen Jump in the magazine section! O_O;; I ran over and grabbed it and woah! It was the brand new issue with the very last part of Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium World in it! It had all this neat stuff because YGO was at the end and a Q&A with Kazuki Takahashi! ^_^ It made me all happy, though I thought I was going to cry cause you know the end is so sad XD

Yu-Gi-Oh News! ZOMG I haven’t been able to say that in SO long! XD Anyway! The Season 2 Boxset of Yu-Gi-Oh is out! ^_^ Now you can add more goodness to your collection!

Game of the week: All right! The answer that I was aiming for in my little quiz from last time was that during the Battle City tournament Yugi always said that Yami would never duel for another person’s precious rare cards, or as it is, an ante. But you all were close enough! ^_^ So congratulations to: Yamis Pharaohess, Magnus Lensherr, and Dunpeil Deuliest

Here’s the new one!
QUIZ: What are the names of all 5 of the Big 5?
Good luck! ^_~ lol

No RF song this week! ^_^;;

All right everybody! I hope you have a wonderful week! I’ll try to get to sites!
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   Short weeks rule!
Hi everyone! This week was nice and short, but I’m still glad that it’s over and I’m back here! ^_^

My Rant of the Week: Monday, I had off, score! XD Tuesday I had my hard classes, but they weren’t too bad… I really didn’t have that much homework this week o_o; I couldn’t get on the internet much because my mom had to use the comp to study for a test she had for her nursing thing… So I used the internet on my Wii XD Thursday, I had my algebra test, which actually wasn’t too bad ^_^ I kept myself busy at lunch so I didn’t get all depressed LOL but French was fun… Friday I had a writing assessment in English XP I hate writing T_T and I had a test in History, that wasn’t bad either! Especially since I won 10 extra credit points for it! LOL We had a game before and my group totally won! XD That rocked! After school, me and my mom got pizza... and a wireless router! Whoo! I am soo freaking excited!

Game of the week: Thanks for the responses last time guys! As for me, no, I’ve never gone to an anime convention! I would love to a lot though! And I’ll finally get the chance this next May! I’m so excited!
Oh btw! Sorry for the people who got it right last week! The winners were invisible! LOL Here are the people who got it right last week! ^_^;; Congratulations (for real) to: Magnus Lensherr, Yamis pharaohess, Dunpeil Dueliest, and I have to also give points to Ree-Ree and even KittyChan129! LOL I forgot that Atem had said it as well! (What a dork… XD) WOW! That was everyone who commented got it right! Congratulations guys!! ^_^

Here’s the new one!
QUIZ: This quote is from my story that I wrote a few weeks back… What Atem says comes from something in the actual manga/anime series! Can anyone tell me where I got the idea?

“’So, you didn’t take their treasures?’ Tahirah asked, referring to when Atem had said that he had hunted down some rogue bandits that were causing trouble.
Atem shook his head, ‘No. I would never battle for the riches of someone else…’”

HINT: It’s from the Battle City arc!

Rascal Flatts song of the Week: It’s back again baby! ^_^ Here is a fun song for you! Enjoy!

That’s it everybody! ^_^ Have a wonderful week! Maybe I’ll come back to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! If not, have a good one!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   What up peoples? XD
Heeey peoples! *hugs* I’m so sorry that I was unable to get to sites last week! But! It's a three day weekend!! Whoo! *parties*

My Rant of the Week: Let’s see… It was a really long week! XP Monday was pretty all right, I had my first driver’s training lesson! I drove on the road! o_o; LOL It went all right. Tuesday I was bummed cause it was only Tuesday, and I hate my B day classes. On Wednesday was CMA night! Rascal Flatts performed at the beginning and end of the show! Aaand, they also one Vocal Group of the Year award for the 5th year in a row! Yay! But the poor lead singer lost his voice in the middle of their last song, it was really sad! XD I had like no HW on Thursday, so I was really stoked… and hyper XD Friday was all right, I worked at the football BBQ. It was all hectic and I smelt like bbq afterwards! Oh! I was super excided this week because I found my VCR! I haven’t seen it since like 7th grade! I’ve missed it! Yay! I can watch my YGO tapes again! XD

Game of the week: The answer for last week was that that was the chant to release the Winged Dragon of Ra! It was originally said by Marik, but I forgot that Atem also said it during the last few eps! XD Silly… Anyway congratulations to:

Here’s the new one!
QUESTION: Everyone seems to have done this lately, so… Have you ever been to an anime convention? If so, how was it? ^_^

I’ll get an RF song next time! Sorry!

Ok everyone! That’s is! Wow, I can’t believe how short my posts are going to be without my story now! LOL Ok Have an excellent week everyone! See ya!
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sweet Home California!!
Hiya everyone! I’m back! ^_^ Yays, I missed California! LOL It’s good to see you all again! I’m so sorry in advance, but prepare for a pretty long rant! Désolé! TT_TT

My Rant of the Week: FFA National Convention Week: Monday, I accidentally slept in, so my sister missed her bus, so I had to stay home with her instead of going to school… Bad move… Tuesday I left for Indianapolis and got there at about 2 AM. Wednesday was the first actual day of the convention. We waited in line to register and then we went to the first session which was really fun because they didn’t have any delegates on the floor so we got to sit on the floor pretty close to the stage! ^_^ and my day was made when I met someone from Ellsworth, Kansas! XD Oh yeah! And we went to the Montgomery Gentry concert! That was fun too, except we were seriously at the very top of the stadium o_o; Thursday me and my bro met up with some people from his school and we hung out at the mall, went to a session, then we also went to a Hypnotist show! It was hilarious! I’ve never been to one before! Friday… was… the… best! X3 X3 In the morning, I heard Rascal Flatts’ new song on the radio and Gary Allan! (and I bought his cd! XD) We also went to the National FFA Center which was all fun fun, but that wasn’t the best part… After going through the career show (a huge room with a bunch of booths from different colleges and ag job places, with free stuff! XD) again and dinner, we went to the session for the night. It had Henry Winkler (the guy who plays the Fanz on Cheers…) but after the session ended, me and my dad ran up to the stage and caught Beau, the National President! This is when I was finally able to give him the present I made for him! He read the card right there then ran down the stairs and gave me a huge hug! X3 X3 X3 <3 That made my night, no wait, my week, big time! ^_^ He is so great! Saturday had the last session, where Beau made his retiring address! X3 It was fun, they announced the new officers, I was kinda sad after if was all over… Sunday me and my bro went back to the mall and we weren’t in uniform! O_o shocker! XD XD Then we finally caught the plane back to California and I didn’t get home until 1 AM!
This week: Monday was tiring… Tuesday was killer T_T all my hard classes… Wednesday was stressful, I had a lot of work to do that night, on Halloween! I had no school Friday *dances* so Thursday was like my Friday! Yays!

Game of the week: Alrighty! The quote challenge results aare… The quote was said by none other than Joey Wheeler of course! The silly guy, who else would say that? It was in the ep when Joey was going to duel Duke Devlin. XD Congratulations to: Yamis Pharaohess, Dunpeil Dueliest, and half points to Mai711 for not saying what ep! ^_^

Here’s the new one!
QUIZ: What is this and who said it? “Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring my victory in this fight. Envelop the desert with your glow, and cast your rage upon my foe. Unlock your powers from deep within, so that together we may win. Appear in this shadow game as I call your name…”
Good luck! ^_~

Storytime! Here is the story from where I left off! This is it!
The second part of the ceremony was about to begin, and a hush fell over the room as Tahirah was announced and brought forth.
Tahirah was as beautiful as ever. She wore a decorated white linen dress, and was adorned with golden bands and other jewelry. Her hair had small, plaited pieces here and there, and her painted, blue eyes sparkled on her face. She looked quite nervous as she walked through the room, not used to so many eyes on her at once. However, she smiled and relaxed a little as she met the only eyes that she cared about, and made her way towards their deep violet splendor.
After the ceremony, the room was full of celebration. Everyone celebrated and had a good time. Tahirah and Atem spent the time sitting together, talking to different people and enjoying the festivities. Everyone wished them well, or brought gifts. Tahirah was thoroughly amazed, even though she knew Atem was a prince, so it must have been normal to him.
“Well, how are you doing, My Queen?” Atem asked gently with a warm smile as he looked over at Tahirah.
Tahirah looked at him and blushed, not used to being called in such a high standard, “I’m wonderful,” she said breathlessly.
“Good,” he said, gently taking her hand to his mouth and softly kissing it. Tahirah merely smiled at him. “Did I tell you how amazingly beautiful you are?” he asked.
“Only about 10 times, Atem,” she replied with a soft giggle.
“Well you are…” he told her, “and Tahirah?”
“Yes?” she asked, looking into his eyes intently.
“Now we are truly bonded forever… We’ll share everything: our joy, our pain, and our love…” he said.
Tahirah felt almost overwhelmed as tears filled her eyes. “Wow…” she breathed, but then nodded, “Yes.”
Atem then took both of her hands in his, “And I’ll always be here… No matter what.”
Tahirah nodded, “I love you, Atem. With all my heart…” she told him softly.
Atem’s smile widened. He then stood from where they were sitting and held his hand out for her. Tahirah took his hand gently and stood. He immediately pulled her close and kissed her forehead gingerly. He then looked around. “Let’s go…” he whispered into her ear. When Tahirah glanced around and looked at him curiously, he chuckled softly.
Atem took Tahirah’s hand again and led her away as the palace continued the celebration of their great pharaoh and his queen.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is where I’m ending it… forever! Wai! Scary, huh? Anyways, for the final time, I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^ I had so much fun writing it for the past 2 years! Whew! Well, Kitty should be happy! XD

Rascal Flatts song of the Week! *gaspeth* a player? Yes! ^_^ I hope you enjoy! I know I do! *dances*

That’s it for day! Whew! What a long post! I hope to get to sites! I’ll see you all later!
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   Hello everyone! *hugs*
Hey everybody! I hope you’re all doing well and had a good week! ^_^ Boy am I glad to have you all here! Otherwise I would be so lonely! T_T As I am at school, it really is nice to be able to end the week talking to you all! *nod nod*

My Rant of the Week: Let’s see… This week was homecoming at my school! It was good because all the teachers didn’t want to give us that much work because of it! Yay! It was mostly pretty calm, I did projects in a couple of my classes for the week. I didn’t go to any of the homecoming things at night, although I would have wanted to, it’s not any fun when you don’t have any friends to go with… It was otherwise boring and I still really haven’t found any good friends… Friday I also worked for the FFA BBQ at the football game during the JV game, so I didn’t stay for the Varsity homecoming part, but oh well! My school has been doing really good, so I know they’ll win! lol

Game of the week: Ok the answer to last week’s quiz about the shadow realm was that when they say it, it usually means death or they are going to die in the original! Wow! As for the bonus, 4Kids is indeed the production company that dubs YGO! But I have to commend them for (and only for!) having Dan Green! LOL So anyway, Congratulations to: Asuka-104, Yamis Pharaohess, and Kittychan129!

Here’s the new one!
QUOTE CHALLENGE: “I‘m bad, you know it, I’m bad, I’ll show it!”
Good luck! ^_~

No story part this week! Me brain needs time to think! Tis just about the end after all! You want it to be good right? (Sorry Kitty!)

Guess what? I’m working on getting a music player here so you can actually hear some RF! Cool, huh? ^_^

That’s all for this week! I’m going once again to Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention this week! Wish me luck! I don’t think I’ll be able to post! T_T I shall miss you all! Byes!
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