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Konichi wa, watashi no namae wa AKI desu...I'm chinese and is in grade 9, i love anime and who knows maybe i have some anime that you like too

Pretty picture^^

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Marik......O-o what to do....COrrine HELP!!!!

Your run in with Yami Marik (YuGiOh for Girls)(Now With Pictures!) by Starzie
Reaction when you see him:
His reaction:*stares at you and then throws back his head and laughs that evil laugh of his* I believe I just found my Queen for when I become Pharaoh! *more evil laughter*
Thanks!Thank you goes to Kokoro no Naka for the pictures!
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My turn to run into Bakura...eep!

A Run In With Bakura by depressed_dark_fairy
Your Reaction
His Reaction*grabs you and carries you away* You will be perfect for my pleasure tonight *smirks* then ill kill you in the morning *laughs evilly*
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Pictures i found on the internet....cute huh?

Look they kissed!!!!

Just a little funny thing i found on the internet and no i cannot read japanese although i like to know what they are talking about....

Isn't this just so cute?!

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