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Welcome! My name is Calla-san.
I hope you enjoy your stay.
Please sign my Guestbook if you havn’t yet.
And I guess I’ll cya around ^_~

"People don't understand depression if they complain about your need to talk about it. Depressive people cannot be other than self-involved when they are in a depressive state. It's a clinical symptom. Read Prozac Nation. It has all of those self-indugeances, and just when you're about to snap, thinking, "she's no different than I am; why is she so sure she's alone and singular" you realize that's part of what it means to be depressed and crying for help. Doh! Read it, people!"

--Quoted by Gray Underpants

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Hey so I havn't posted anything in forever. I still wish to keep in contact with any of you who are still on. I am much older now and my interests have changed a little but I will start to keep a journal here again. If anyone reads it I will be happy but I am back to square one here. I miss all my friends whom I use to speak to but maybe I can get in contact with you all again. If not then I will make new friends. So...

Hello! I am yami seto but I go by Calla which is my real name. I am in college now and am a design major. I still love anime and will update my collection of favs here soon. I guess that is it for now. Cya around.


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