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HI!! my names zach, though most all of my friends call me wiggles, trust me thats a long storry, im a huge fan of anime and Diablo2, i also love to talk, so ya ever wana chat with me, just send me a msg :)

you dont have to be left handed to join! even if your right handed join to show your support!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

   damn me!
me and my stupid A.D.D like behavior!! i have to read the last 100 pages of this book, do 10 journal entryes and right 2 essays on the book all TONIGHT!!!! i have to have it ready ad 7:45 tomarrow morning !! i completly forgot about it <_< looks like a long night for me tonight :(
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

   changed my theme
yup! i changed my theme from Hellsing(best show ever) to Elfen Lied(almost as good as hellsing)

tell me what you all think of it :P

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   i got tagged lol
Name: zach
Gender: male
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 190 lbs
Shoe Size: 12 or 13
Skin: uh well not very tan, but alot of scars lol
Hobbies: uhh talking with friends, playing games and watching anime :)
Grade: highschool
Reads: Dark Fantasy or anything about dragons
Fears: spiders... those things creap me out lol
Watches: prety much any anime that interests me
Moods: uhh, i have happy, annoyed, pissed off, im going to fuckings kill you, and then i also have sweet and loving ^_^ im a very odd person i know, you just jelouse! lol
IQ: not a clue lol
Nicknames: wiggles
Dreams: you know to be honest, i dont know
Pet Peev: lol alot of them, but i supose the biggest one is preps
Funniest Thing I've Done: lmfao there are to many funny stories to choose just one
Words That Describe Me: random, annoying, talkative

yup... lol :P

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