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Hello you lovely people, welcome to my little site on the O. I'm Meg and i'm glad you stopped by and came for a visit, enjoy the darkness of my site and hope that you'll sign my GuestBook and add me as a friend and come by again. You may Message me anytime you'd like so feel free too.... Well that's it for my Intro short yes but that's all i have to say...
Enjoy yourself and i'll see you in your shadows.
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Friday, November 30, 2007


As days go by my pain within me increases.
The hole in my heart continues to rip and get darker.
I'm losing everything that i ever loved,
starting to hate them as the thought of death over whelms me.
Worthless, gloomly & selfish i am.
I can never bring happiness only saddness in them.
As i try to be happy,
my saddness beats the match & takes over.

I'm jealous & angry of what other people have,
that i have not.
I wish i had them,
or at least happiness,
in my life.

But it's way to much to ask cause the price is to great to pay.
As my days go by my life is limited in days.
Cause the thought of Death,
will end everything,
even the pain which i carry inside.


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