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Yay...I chnaged my site! Please read my story^^ You kno u wanna! and always Remember...HARU'S MINE!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

   ok so here's the deal
I am working on "Operation Mii loses 10 lbs in a week" so far in the two days ive been doing it ive lost 3LBS!! woot! yayz for me o and im putting up some art so check my portfolio for those^^ so yea have a nice day^^
<3 mii-san

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

chapter 6
The sun eased its way through the morning sky and gently bathed the afternoon in a snuggling warmth. Then it began to sink slowly under the horizon and Aiden stretched his slender arms. Rayne remained curled in a ball at the top corner of the bed. He chuckled at the sight of this and turned to head out the door.
“Going somewhere?” a sickly ,but gentle voice called from the window. Aiden whirled around to find himself face to face with Abby. She gave a low cackle in the back of her throat.
“And to what honour do I put your visit to?” he glared at her.
“The master is displeased with you.” Abby looked at the ground as she circled him. He let his eyes follow her but his reply was a mere shrug.
“Tell him he can go..” but Abby reeled about and pinned Aiden to the wall by his neck.
“ He wants her dead!” Abby’s eyes flashed like a dagger as she jerked her thumb towards the sleeping girl.
“Rayne? But why? How does he know about her!?” Aiden panicked.
“The master knows everything, and the rules are if you welcome a human into your house the master must approve first!” Abby’s words were sharp and fierce and her nails kept digging deeper into his throat.
“Dammit! Put me down!” Aiden choked out. Abby’s eyes flared and she gave him a forceful blow to the face. “Shit!” Aiden yelled as Abby let him fall to the ground. Blood dripped from his new found wound. Aiden slowly raised himself from the stone floor with a look of pure hate in his red eyes. “I hate how you follow every word that bastard tells you!” Aiden yelled across the room. This time Abby’s fist barely missed his stomach.
“You are a pansy, Aiden! Why couldn’t you be more like your brother?!” Abby kicked behind his knees causing him to collapse.
“You sound like my mother. Why couldn’t you have been a free spirit!”
“SHUT UP!” Abby aimed low and Aiden fell over with a yelp of pain. With this Rayne jerked awake. “ I HAVE MY REASONS!” Abby’s breathing was loud and quick.
“Aiden!” she ran to aid him.
“Move bitch!” Abby’s possessed face scared Rayne but she didn’t move. Rayne stood up but didn’t make eye contact with her.
“Leave.. him.. Alone!” Rayne exploded with a new found hate for Abby. She took a long stick that was propped behind the door and swung it with all her might at this she- demon. With amazing speed Abby’s arm flew out and caught the stick and pulled it out of Rayne’s grasp.
“I HATE HUMANS!!!!” Abby’s insanity showed through as her mouth almost appeared to foam. She swung the stick at Rayne’s feet causing Rayne to lose her balance. Then she turned to Rayne’s confused person on the ground and beat her ruthlessly until blood began to spurt from her mouth. She continued until Aiden’s arm stopped her next blow. “YOU BASTARD!” Abby’s hysteric figure loomed above him. Aiden roared with his demonic face and pounced upon her, pinning Abby to the floor. She fought back with fire but with no success. He waited as she used up all her energy. She then lay motionless looking into Aiden’s fiery eyes. “ You have beautiful eyes.” Abby said sweetly.
“Your not getting out of this situation like that, slut!” Aiden’s fist closed around her throat. She grinned, and Aiden tightened his grip. “Now you listen to me, you are going to leave here and if you return, I swear to God I will kill you! I will hanging you out in the sunlight to burn and anguish until you can live no longer and are diminished to a pile of ashes! This is the part when my brother will sit and watch you as you suffer. Do I make my self clear?” Abby nibbled his thumb, but he replied to this by shoving his fist into her nose causing blood to cover his knuckles. With a yelp of pain Abby smirked.
“I love how you hate me.” she giggled and was gone out the window in a flash. Aiden shook his head and walked over to the limp figure. She lay in a puddle of her own blood and even more was flowing from her open mouth. Her right arm was at an awkward angle as if it was a tree with many broken, dangling limbs. The back of her head also poured a steady stream of blood which was matting her hair, and she appeared to be unconscious. He kneeled down next to the bleeding girl and went to pick her up.
“Aiden…” She managed to moan and look at him through small slits as she squinted.
“Rayne.. Oh, Rayne its alright, you’re going to be alright.” Tears stung his eyes as if he didn’t even believe himself. He went quickly to work by starting first by bandaging her head wound. He then made a splint for her arm and put and ice cube in her mouth to stop that bleeding. He took her over to the bed and gently laid her down and pulled the covers up to her chest.
“Aiden…” she once again moaned his name.
“Rayne, please don’t strain yourself.” Aiden took her good hand in his and let tears fall from his eyes.
“Aiden if I die tonight…” she began in a soft, weak voice.
“Rayne don’t even think that. You’re going to be fine…You’re going to be.. fi.. Ne..” Aiden broke off sobbing.
“ I want you to know something.” she stayed calm as she could as Aiden sobbed into her hand. “I want you to know that …” she broke off as she went limp against her pillow.
“Rayne! Rayne!” Aiden’s hoarse cry echoed through the empty room. He laid his head against her chest and still felt the beat of her heart. “You’re alive!” Aiden laughed but Rayne still laid there unresponsive. She was laying there in a coma and no one knew how long those lasted if the ever ended. Aiden cried upon her breasts as if he’d already lost her.
“Its such a pity to lose a creature of such beauty.” a voice that made Aiden shiver came from behind him.
“What are you doing here?” Aiden’s voice was full of cold hatred.
“My precious darling informed of her wonderful doings. She also said you were in love with this girl, so I decided I’d make things right with my brother.” the sly voice had a hint of sincerity.
“I’d honestly wish you’d leave.” Aiden squeezed Rayne’s hand tighter with every second.
“What? My baby brother doesn’t want a visit from his wonderful brother Justin?” Justin’s deep brown hair flowed in wavy locks around his ears and he was close to if not more handsome than Aiden.
“ No. Because you’re here to strike a deal.” Aiden said sullenly.
“Well the longer you wait around to agree the more brain cells she loses.” Justin sighed with fake sympathy a he glanced at his black nails.
“Then whatever it is I’ll do it.” Aiden kept his eyes on Rayne.
“Splendid!” Justin’s smirk was horrible but he placed his hand upon Rayne’s forehead and in an instant Rayne was sitting upright and coughing up blood.
“Aiden!” Rayne sobbed and threw her arms around his neck. Aiden held her close to him feeling her relief come out of her fear. Justin turned his back to them and went to stride out the door.
“Wait!” Aiden called to him, lifting his head from Rayne’s shoulder. Justin stopped and turned with a serene grin.
“Yes?” his voice reminded Rayne of honey flowing with milk: beautiful and enchanting.
“What did you want?” Aiden’s eyes narrowed.
“What you gave me already: your trust.” And with that Justin disappeared through the door way leaving the sobbing girl in his younger brother’s arms.
Justin watched from outside the window. He envied what they shared.
“Don’t worry little brother, your debt is repaid but you cant stop me from getting what I want.” he smirked and made his way down the dirt path and into the dark void of night.

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Chapter 5!
“Are you ready?” Aiden inquired at around seven o’clock.
“Let’s see… jeans, t-shirt , bra, shoes… yup it appears to be that way.” Rayne grinned as she did a cartwheel across the room. Aiden sighed.
“What am I supposed to do with you?” he joked.
“Um… take care of me, I guess.” Rayne shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘what ever’.
The two headed for the door and thanked the sprites for their hospitality. They felt the rush of the cool night breeze brush their hair into a frenzy. They walked in silence for about an hour before Rayne began to yawn. Aiden laughed as he pulled her closer to him to hug her.
“Getting sleepy, night creature?” He mocked. Rayne stuck out her tongue and sleepily carried on. Unfortunately this incident occurred in her encountering a patch of roots on which she so gracefully tripped over. Aiden turned his back to her, for it was all he could do to keep from laughing. She stood up and rubbed her knees. A simple “Ow” was all that escaped her lips.
“Come here.” Aiden half-laughed. She walked over to him scowling at her own mistake. Shaking his head, he indicated to her to jump on his back. She awkwardly jumped upon his back and latched her arms around his neck. “I honestly wish you would do this willingly.” he laughed. She gave a tired, half-hearted swat at his face, and then buried her head in the back of shoulder. It took less than thirty minutes for her to fall asleep. “Your so peaceful when your asleep.” he chuckled in a low tone that was barely audible. This was his time to contemplate everything that was running through his mind, especially his affinity to this girl. Why? Why not one of his own kind? Surely a human was inferior to a vampire, but maybe it was her personality. The way she acted so bad-ass and then would run like a scared kitten. The way she made life a joke. The way she had life, breath, warm skin, a glow in her eyes. Her radiating beauty, her simple pleasures, the fact that she didn’t care that he was a vampire. A serene smile crept across his lips, for he understood her. He loved everything about her from her personality to her beating heart. Just then she began to wake up.
“Are we there yet?” she groggily muttered.
“Yes, I’d say probably about two more minutes. Do you wanna walk?” he asked.
“Good.” she yawned. “And walk? Hell no.” she let her head go limp and rested it upon his shoulder.
“Alright, fine with me.” he smirked and half shrugged because she was on his back. They walked the last couple of minutes in silence. Finally they came upon a little stone house that was surrounded by for great weeping willows. Aiden pushed the branches back with his free hand, and walked down the modest dirt path to the house. The front door was made of a heavy maple wood and decorated with golden Elvin designs. “We’re here.” he said in a sing song voice. He let Rayne slide off his back and look at the house for herself. Rayne gave a gasp of awe.
“Its beautiful!” she gaped.
“Its nothing fancy,” he shrugged. “But it works for me.” Sticking his key in the lock he opened the huge door. Taking Rayne’s hand he lead her in. She looked around the house in awe. It appeared normal. No demonic ritual signs or no coffin. Aiden gave a laugh at her expression. “Not what you were expecting?” he laughed. Rayne shook her head.
“Its normal. Not at all what they show on TV or what you read in books.” she shrugged.
“Well you should’ve probably expected something more normal since you’ve gotten to know me.” he grinned. “Shall I show you your room.” He led her down a hallway to a quaint little room. A canopy bed draped with deep red hangings sat in one corner and a ashen vanity sat in another. In the closet hung a few dresses and a couple pairs of jeans. Rayne sighed. “Do you not like it?” Aiden worried.
“No, I love it!” she twirled with satisfaction but then she yawned. Aiden took her hand and led her over to the bed. Sleepily she crawled in. “Aiden?” she called as he was leaving the room.
“Yes?” he turned around.
“Will you stay with me tonight?” she asked it so innocently with big round eyes that he strode over and rolled in the bed next to her. “Thanks.” she hugged him and rolled over to fall asleep. He placed his arm around her shoulder and was happy just to be in her presence. The dim light of the candle put him to sleep as he sensed that the sun was now rising. A yawn and he rolled over and whispered . “Sweet dreams, until tonight we meet again.” He gently nibbled her ear and they fell asleep entangled in one another.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

sry sry
Sorry I havnt been on in awahile ...u see school has been all like bleh and ive got all these projects so until we meet again^^
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