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You know my name right?Omg!You don't Well It's Brianna or I'll go by Namine here :] I love anime it is love :DD I also love Devon for he is very zee-mazing && puts a smile on this face :DMy friends are the best..they beat your by a long run.Anywaayss.Nobody ever comes on here but if you do message me leave me stuff anything :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soo..I am here...obviously.

Soo Hello there People of Earth and Beyond!So today was a good day i guess you could say :] Firstly I didn't know that I had been nominated for class favorite!W00t!That means there are some people out there who actually like meh so happeh. :] && also in IBCA Class or computer class whatever you wanna call it I got to see mehh crushh I wishh I couldd tell him like seriouslt Its been keeping me up all night and eating at me becausee like when i turn around he's right there staring back!!Distrea or whatever its speeledd!Came home made dinner..now listening to meh mp3 but enough about me how are you pplz?
Questions of the day? :]
1.Do you have a favorite song? Yeepss I doo A city scence by the a-b theory
2.Do you have a crush? Heck yes..I'll tell him that fact soonly.. :]
Enjoy this picturee :]
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Sunday, November 9, 2008