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In this site comments are something i need, and signing my guest book is wanted. mind you tho, you can add me as your 'friend' or not...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey everyone how's it going/ Looking good!
Does anyone ever get on this thingy anymore? I obviously don't lol.

It's a shame. I might have made one decent fanfic and actually finished it! Alas...

Hope someone leaves a comment. I miss everyone.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

   Where am I?
Woah goodness I have not been here in AGES! I wonder if i still have any friends left, or anyone who remembers me! Xp

So yeah this is me saying hello...and thank you: to everyone who still kept me on their friends list! Luvies to you all.

Don't know what I should do...write a new story or something else...suggestions anyone?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   Seconds Til Contact...Four/Fin
"You heard my demand! You have 10 minuets to comply, or i'll kill the lot of 'em" the robber shouted. Rin was struggling in his grip trying to run, but no avail. The robber drug her back in the bank, Rafael angered and distressed all at once. He had been forced back from the scene by the cops. He stood fists clenched, mind racing on how to save her. He thought of running head first guns in hand, blowing that man to bits. that was just too risky. Rafael had even thought to let the police handle it until he overheard some of them talking.
"I think we should fake him out."
"What about the hostages? What if he figures it out and killes them all?"
"Thats just one possibility tho..."
"What sir? We can't risk that!"

the policemen we talking further but thats all rafael needed to hear. He was enraged and had no rational thoughts left.

sorry...im being interupted in my midst of typing.
*eyes flame*

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Seconds til Contact....continued pt.3
Two days had passed. Rafael had vivited Rin after school each day and stayed as long as he could. the doctor's had sid that over time Rin's short term memory would return. One doctor wasn't so sure.

"Well I believe she may not recover her memory." the doctore stood telling Rafael.
"what makes you say that? Was it really bas head trauma?" Rafael asked.
"It has nothing to do whith her physical condition, it may not be returning because she is suppressing it. The memory of her late father must have devestated her. Her mind could push out those memories of his death." the doctor explained.
"Wow, the mind works wonders. What if she did have something that triggered her memory? Would it cause a seizure or anything tramatic?" rafael wondered.
"That is a compleate possibility..." the doctor looked at him and saw his eyes and then walked away.

"Please Mom. She has nowhere I told you I could-" Rafael pleaded in the hospital lounge.
"Raf dear. I know you'll be moving out but you saved enough only for you. You can't help support her. Dear please understand." Rafael's mom saddened.
"I can, and I will. Mom please, I-I love her!" Rafael eyes grew with fire, his hand tensed. His mom was shocked to see how serious he was. she had never seen him serious about anything.
"Rafael, I'll sign the paper. She can move in with you. Please promise me you won't have grandchildren until your at least out of school." His mom pleaded.
"Of course mother. Thank you."

Two years later. Rafael and Rin have lived in the apartment for the past two years. Today is the second year annaversary. Rafael has become a sophmore in college. Rin had a manager position at the bank downtown.

That day, Rafael was going home and was on his way to pick up Rin at work. There were police cars all around the building. Rafael looked and realized, there was a robery in progress.
"Your souurounded. Come out with your hand in the air!" The police man demended on his bullhorn. There was movement, the robber came out with a hostage and had a gun to her head.
"Rin!" Rafael cried.
"Sir get back!" The policeman yelled.
"Allright get all the police out of here or this girl dies! I want $300,000 in cash." the robber instructed.
"Damnit let her go!" Rafael screamed.
"Sir get back 20 feet or you will be in custody." The policeman warned.
"Then do something! Save Rin!" Rafael cried. Rafael stood thinking how he could save her. He had no idea what to do.

...to be continued...

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

   Seconds til Contact...CONTINUED
"What?" Rafael was stunned to hear her words.
"Amnesia?" the doctor began to check Rin's vitals.
"Rin, you don't remember me?"
"Ah no. I'm sorry. I don't." she had an expression of pain on her face. "Is daddy here?"
"!" Rafael's eye's widened. "(Her dad died less than a year ago? Did she just loose the last few months of her memory?)" Rafael slowly walked up to her. He had no idea of what to say. He looked into her dazzling green eyes, and asked to talk to the doctor outside.

"I see...short term memory loss. It will come back but for now, best to call her mom to tell Rin the news." The doctor suggested. So Rafael called Rin's mother again.
"(Why has she not showed up? Her own kid is in the hospital!)"
"What? It's past 10:00PM who is this?" her mother shouted.
"Miss Patton...it's about Rin..."
"That stupid thing? I can't afford any bills! I don't want anything to do with her. Just put her in a foster home!" she hung up the phone.
"I can't believe her!(Wha- Damnit! Now I know. Rin never showed her true face, though I could feel sadness comming from her. That's why she never talked about life at home, or her mom. Let alone letting me walk her home.)" Rafael told the doctor everything. The doctor got all of Rin's information and assured Rafael that Rin could stay at the hospital for two days.

...to be continued...

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