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My name is Dakota, I am 13 years old, and I am in Grade 7.

I am a vegetarian, and that means I do not eat meat. Though, on special occasions, I will eat raw fish.

Animal cruelty is a no-no. Animals have feelings too.

I am invloved with someone, and I love him to bits.

I would rather not lable myself, but you may call me bisexual if you chose to.

I love pandas and hamsters; they are my favourite animals.

My favourite colours are pink, orange, and green.

I am very shy, and a bit odd, so I don't talk much. But if you message me, I love to chat.

That's all. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Current State of Mind
What's in My Mouth
What's Playing in My Head
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

No one is here anymooooore. :<
I can't talk though.
Last time I was here was ages. .__.

So...I was just playing around on my computer and I found this place in my bookmarks.
I thought I'd post something to see if everyone died.

Hum hum hummmmmmmm.
Um...Ohhh, okay.
So, you guys have been worried about Bree, I see.
He's doing fine. He's just...>__>
Yeah, well, he's taking new meds and they've made him loopy 24/7.
I'm not sure if he'll be back on. He's become extremely shy, he doesn't even answer his phone anymore.
Which means that I can't call him at 4am anymore just to tell him that I woke up and had a funny dream.
He's not Bree anymore. He's a shadow thingy that mopes around during school and goes el wacko on me at night.
He's so feakin' bipolar.
And afraid of people, which I think is a side effect of the meds, or maybe because of his depression. Maybe both.

Well, I don't know who'll respond to this, if anyone.
But if you do, by chance, stop by, Bree loves you very much, and so do I. ♥


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