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The Cape of Storms

Hello and welcome to myotaku site as you guys can see my whole site is about HYDE well thatís because HYDE is one of the best singers in Japan aka Nippon. If you guys donít know him you should see some videos I posted up you would probably become a fan. Iím a fan of his work and his songs, I can tell he put feelings into his songs and takes his work seriously. Well about me I love J-music and ofcourse ANIME. I love anime the art work is so beautiful. Ever since I was little I have been interested only in Asian culture. I donít know why really but I am very fond of the Japanese culture. Please take a look and sign on my guestbook Have a Sugoi Day Sayonara people-chans



Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One of the movies Hyde was in here is a preview of his movie its really good if you love action movies but also very sad as well.

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HYDE in Korea
Here shows a video of Hyde in concert where so many fans adore him. He sings two songs in this video Shallow Sleep and Cape of Storms one of my most favorite songs I Love. If you haven't listen to the song Cape of Storm then I recommend it. Its really good well all of his songs are good. He is a good song writer, one of the best of the best. Also Below this is the lyrics of Cape of Storms so you know what he i saying :)

HYDE lyrics


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