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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   just checking a font
you can ignore this if the font is normal Final Fantasy Ultimate
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Monday, July 9, 2007

   HAHA... NEW PHONE!!!!
for those of you who know me, im sure youve seen my phone (you know, taped cover and band aid holding on the battery). Well, it took longer than i wanted, but i finally got a new phone... just felt like telling you... later
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

i need this later
Bell 1
Cameron Bell
Ms. Estrada
English 2
15 March 2007

Throughout their lives, humans come in contact with many things that reflect themselves in some way. They also come in contact with certain objects that they see as more than what they are. A prime example can be seen in Tennessee Williams poetic memory play, The Glass Menagerie. This examples name is Laura Wingfield. She is shy, insecure, easily upset, and lives with her mother. Amanda, and her brother, Tom. Tom works at a warehouse to support the family. In the play, each character can be associated with objects found throughout the apartment. The most obvious of these symbols are traced back to Laura. Williams uses the symbols of the glass menagerie, blue roses, and the victrola to develop Laura’s fragility, uniqueness, and inability to handle difficult situations.
Laura’s collection of glass represents her mental and physical fragility. One example of this is when Amanda sends her out to get the groceries: “…I’m all right. I slipped, but I’m all right.” (29). Laura slipping on the steps shows two things: one, she cannot function in the real world. And two, she has no stability on her own. Another example that supports this is during the speed test at the college: “I-threw up-on the floor!”(15). Laura couldn’t handle the pressure of the speed test and wound up vomiting. When she is put into pressured situations, due to her lack of self-confidence, she becomes physically ill. A final example of this is when Tom’s coat hits the shelf, causing one of her glass pieces to break: “My glass-menagerie…”(24) After an argument between Tom and Amanda, Tom, frustrated with the difficulty of his overcoat, throws it. It then hits the shelf, and breaks some glass. In the preceding argument, Laura is described as fragile. These examples show how Laura relates to her glass.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007



1. are you missing someone right now? i guess
2. are you happy? yes
3. are you talking to anyone right now? no
5. are you german:? yes
6. are you irish: yes
7. are you french: yes
8. are you italian: i have an italian stomach
9. are your parents still married: yes
10. do you like someone right now?: yes

1. store: uhhh...
2. flower: black rose!
3. color: maroon
4. sport: basketball or tennis
5. mall: eh...not a mall guy
8. season: fall and summer
9. animal: wolf
10. state: oregon

1. hometown: tustin/santa ana
2. hair color: blond-ish
3. brains: when im not messing around
4. hair style: carefree
5. eye color: grey/blue
6. best friend: so many
7. mood: waiting to meet up with my friends
8. skin color: caucasian
9. in love?: not yet
10.lefty/righty: righty

1. Have you ever been in love: no
2. do you believe in love: yes
3. why did your last relationship fail: too different
4. have you ever been heartbroken: eh, not really
5. have you ever broken someone's heart?: i hope not
6. have you ever fallen for one of your best friend/s?: yes
7. have you ever liked someone but never told them that you did? no
8. are you afraid of commitment?: not really
9. has someone ever kissed your hand?: uhh...no
10. have you ever had a secret admirer?: too many, too often

1. love or trust: you cant trust without some degree of love, and you cant love without trust
2. hard liquor or beer: hmmm
3. night or day: night
4. one night stands or relationships: relationships
5. television or internet: internet
6. pepsi or coke?: pepsi
7. wild night out or romantic night in: wild night
8. pink or blue?: blue
9. phone or in person: in person
10. msn or myspace: eh

1. have you ever been caught sneaking out?:caught?...no
2. have you ever skinny dipped: maybe
3. have you ever done something illegal: depends on what you mean
5. have you ever been on a house boat?: no
6. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker: yes
7. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt?: i guess
9. have you ever danced in the rain?: yeah
10. have you ever laughed so hard it hurt?: Yeah

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

i went on ebay, and was about to buy the guitar of my dreams (a 1976 gibson firebird bicentenial special addition in black) for $200, when someone decided to bid $510, and i didnt stand a chance...so...pity me...i lost the guitar of my dreams...T-T
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