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Friday, October 13, 2006

...........Nyah *pullz cheek*
Ello everyone!
Thnxz for the comments on
the other post, i really nedded them ^_^
Sorries for not updating for so long
or commenting
I was kinda on punishment
yes,ive........been.......bad lol
Welpz todays friday the thirteenth
Yes muahahahahahhha now my plan will work........
Ill steal all the candy in the world muahahahahha
*hiccup*Actually i think ill do that next week lol,Im not sure if ill be able to get on much, but ill try ^_^
So hows everyone(im alwayz asking that lol)

Q:If you could cosplay how would you be?

~*~Pretty picy!!!~*~
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Friday, October 6, 2006

hiya *hugz*
How are ya guyz doing
Me? im fine
Welpz everything good,Thought id
post since i finished visiting pplz
Who updated so far
Wow its sooooooo COOOOLLLLLLLDDD
(sorries about the writing)
Dont have much to post about lol
Sorries i havent posted in so long
Just had some things on my mind
Kinda stressed ya know?
Had a bunch of things on my mind
It was all i could do to hold bk the tears, but im gonna stop talking bout that now
I know its kinda annoying right ^_^
Ummm...... i think thats it
So i hope everyone has a good weekend !

Thought id leave a question......you dont have to anwser it okay ^_^
1.) every feel like all you ever do is screw things up?

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dont mind the
taco thing lol
Sorries i havent updated in so long
Been busy with school and stuff lol
Weplz hows every1?
I hope good,me ive been fine
and shcools okay.
Im doing okay in every
sub. except math i think lol
mmm... ive been reading up on naruto manga
the lastest chap. of it is probably out now.
uhh, ive got a couple of projects to do,but im looking forward to doing them cause i get to draw ^_^,drawinds fun lol.
OH!Panic at the disco just made a new vid. to my fav song by them it called: lying is the most fun a girl can hav with-out taking off her clothes(yea i know thats a very interesting title lol,but i luv that song.)The song is real good but the vids okay.Wow im sorrie this is such a long post, if ya dont read all of its okay.
Welpz thats it ^_^

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